Jule Arney: The Opulence of My Truth

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Jule Arney: The Opulence of My Truth

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Jule Arney: The Opulence of My Truth

 Respect • Autonomy • Grace

Justice is not always compassionate but there is still compassion at the root of our human existence. We may not be able to see the growth and change in the moment  – but it’s there.

The world has often made today’s Jule Arney feel less-than, wrong, and broken. As a Black, queer, neurodivergent person Jule has had to combat these external narratives that have, unwittingly, taken seed and rooted subconsciously.

The struggles that result from this type of lived experience cannot be understated and yet, Jule now lives an OUTLOUD LIFE that helps others see themself for the magic they are – AS IS and Jule helps these folks CHOOSE TO LIVE! Jule moved around a lot and had lots of different experiences.

Episode Takeaways

  • Thankful for consistent parents who prioritized their children’s safety
  • It’s a journey to be associated with beauty and believe it
  • Church was a very important of Black culture but that meant being surrounded by homophobia
  • It took Jule three times to come out to their parents
  • Being rejected by their family, lead Jule to want to end their life.
  • Jule is a lifelong “overachiever” who believed that if they were perfect in every other way, it would be enough.
  • In 2006 Jule decided to take their boyfriend to prom and met great resistance but they did get to attend prom together. 
  • Denying myself consistently drove Jule closer to ending 
  • Always be a person who ask questions
  • Rely on your social network and let people in
  • Focus on the “small little things” that make you the wonderful person you are
  • Celebration for Jule is spending quality time with friends
  • CHARITY: The healing wellness foundation (in Pittsburgh)
  • “The more I have allowed myself to step into the opulence of my truth, the more others around me have begun to see that same light within themselves.”
  • “Be the person that you needed”
  • “There is too much you have left to do, too much impact you will have for yourself, your community, the world.”
  • “I chose to know my truth. To know myself enough to demand respect from everyone else.”
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