L’Oreal Thompson Payton: Stop waiting for perfect!

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The Brave Files
L'Oreal Thompson Payton: Stop waiting for perfect!

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
L'Oreal Thompson Payton: Stop waiting for perfect!

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L’Oreal Thompson Payton was a girl with big dreams. Now she’s a woman who’s achieving those dreams and rewriting what it means to be successful. The “Stop Waiting for Perfect” author joins The Brave Files to share some painful, honest, and ultimately beautiful truths about what it’s like to be a recovering perfectionist facing real-world challenges and choosing progress over perfection and self-love.

Top Takeaways

  • Writing a book is an arduous process.
  • L’Oreal was committed to traditional publishing due to her own perfectionism and stubbornness. It offered a vetted path that she deeply desired. We get it!
  • “Stop waiting for perfect” is about overcoming imposter syndrome and perfectionism. Writing it has been a personal masterclass and crash course in letting go of perfectionism.
  • Procrastination is my brand of perfectionism.
  • Deadlines are the best – external accountability.
  • Writing the book was, in many ways, harder than caring for a newborn baby.
  • Being a writer means everything to L’Oreal. It is per purpose and passion.
  • It’s ok to be whatever type of mom you are – you don’t have to parent the way everyone else does.
  • L’Oreal grew up living teen magazines but never saw herself represented. She knew she wanted to be part of changing that!
  • There is a lot of PTSD surrounding infertility.
  • We are going to celebrate everything with our baby in every way!
  • She felt a lot of shame for the parenting moments that were hard AF because of the fertility struggles.
  • What do you now know is true? I AM ENOUGH!
  • Celebration is hard and L’Oreal would like to get better at it. She’s always hitting the goal and on to the next one. This does her a disservice.
  • Infusing Black Girl Magic into the health and wellness world is a deep passion and so important.
  • Charity: Free Root Operation fighting gun violence in Black and Brown communities.
  • Connect with L’Oreal and read her newsletter, LT in the City.
  • Pre-order Stop Waiting For Perfect.


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