Shiny Unsal: The Gateway to Galactic Success

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The Brave Files
Shiny Unsal: The Gateway to Galactic Success

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Shiny Unsal: The Gateway to Galactic Success

Love • Light • Positive-Energy

We have a choice who and how we’ll be in the world. Perhaps you think you don’t but I promise you … You do. Today's guest, Shiny Unsal learned this lesson firsthand after losing her father unexpectedly … Or was it?

After a lot of self-discovery, she took on a new name and officially declared her new identity, purpose, and her forever mission on this planet, to go all in to BE, to LIVE, and to BELIEVE exactly the opposite of that life-sucking darkness that took her father. She’s here to talk about the undeniable power of our minds and the cosmic wisdom of our hearts, when they're happily coherent together and IN LOVE with each other, as ONE…

Shiny is the Global Award-Winning Creator of Neuro-Shine Technology™, a 40 Under 40 Most Influential Award Recipient, a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and so much more.

Episode Takeaways:

  • A lot of growth comes from experiencing pain and taking the time to understand what the pain is and what it’s showing us.
  • The body reacts to what's happening in our minds.
  • Shiny felt like life was happening to her, rather than for her … She felt she was being punished whenever anything went wrong.
  • NLP completely changed and transformed her life.
  • Our brains have so much power. It can hold us hostage or free us.
  • Claim yourself, and your identity, and always remember you are powerful. This is how you become the light.
  • Neuro-Shine Technology is about being aligned with your own truth.
  • Along the journey of becoming Shiny, she combined ten powerful disciplines together to create something extraordinary.
  • Consciousness is NOT local! 
  • The observer makes the light become a particle instead of a wave. Something needs to be observed to exist.
  • We have unlimited layers of becoming. Letting go of perfectionism is Shiny’s current struggle.
  • Grounding rituals: Walking in nature, hugging trees. Shiny has to work hard to ground herself. A lot of meditation.
  • Shiny celebrates from the moment she wakes up by saying “I love my life!” She tells herself, in the mirror, “I love you.”
  • Charity: Supporting, empowering, and educating women and girls.
  • Connect with Shiny: www.shinyunsal.com, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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