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When TikTok brings us together. This week I'm chatting with Quinn The Eskimo (ok, that's not his *real* name but it's his NEW name and over here we respect folks name preferences!). Quinn joined me to talk about totally transforming his super religious, conservative life by changing one, somewhat, simple thing: Learning to ask questions. So many questions!

By embracing questions and being open to actually hearing the answers Quinn completely changed his life. He’s a teacher, leader, creator, and guide … he’s afraid but ready for whatever comes next. Connect with him directly via his website andon TikTok.


  • Life is a series of seasons.
  • Season One: His name was John and he was conservative.
  • Stayed in a toxic relationship for a long time. Raised 8 kids.
  • Parenting is such hard work – it becomes your entire identity!
  • Started asking questions, as a conservative Christian, and things stopped adding up.
  • Don’t just believe what you’re told. EXPLORE and learn for yourself!
  • Travel and connecting with new people will open up your heart and mind.
  • Change starts with admitting YOU were wrong (and will likely continue to make mistakes).
  • Boundaries allow you to control who is invited into your life.
  • Lack of control caused serious depression. It was time to surrender and start again, different, healither. 
  • Quinn doesn’t want to push people away, he wants to attract them.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who want to help you rise!
  • Learn more, explore more, see more, have more conversations.
  • It’s time to start to think about things in a different way.
  • Question your privilege.
  • It’s not that the things we have are bad, it’s that we evolve and change.
  • The 5am club – it’s time for Quinn to “work” on himself.
  • We have to envision what will happen in order to believe in the possibility and live into the vision.
  • CELEBRATION:  food, nature, music
  • Charity of the week: Goodwill – Their mission is to help people gain skills and get into the workforce.

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