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The Brave Files
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Courageous • Centered • Responsibility 

We often think of fear as something that keeps us small and stuck – it can, in fact, do all of those things. But there’s also the flip side of fear – the empowering side – the brave side. This side of fear informs. It allows you to dig deep into yourself and find ways to heal, grow and prosper. Today I welcome Sarah Hagstrom Join us to talk about her journey through fear and learning to heal her own body through a mind-body approach. She’s  determined to make the world a healthier and happier place through her growing health coaching businesses with healthy bottom lines, helping folks establish strong foundations from the start.

Episode Highlights:

  • Do the things that bring you joy, simply for the sake of joy.
  • Don’t miss your joy opportunities! 
  • Sarah grew up with a deep seeded fear of “who is going to take care of me? I have to take care of myself.”
  • This fear caused lots of physical ailments.
  • Documentary: Food matters – Changed Sarah’s life.
  • Humans tend to become unconscious around food choices.
  • Community can be created in a lot of ways. Seek those who can help you have the life you most desire.
  • Any behavior (including eating) we do, constantly, as a coping mechanism is unhealthy. 
  • Every human is different. What works for one person may not work for someone else.
  • Just like everything else in life, reassessment is important.
  • Don’t just “trust the experts.” You know yourself, trust yourself, and advocate for yourself.
  • Stress and emotions that are left unattended show up as physical issues. Give words to your truth.
  • Check out Journal Speak!
  • All humans have mixed emotions. It’s ok – welcome them all.
  • Our bodies heal when we give them the tools to heal – that is mind, body, and soul.
  • Be compassionate to your fellow humans – you never know what they are experiencing 
  • You don’t need to be working non-stop. It’s not about “doing the most” it’s about how you feel!
  • My natural instinct is to use positive words. There’s real work in allowing all thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Connect with Sarah on her website or Instagram. And check out Journal Speak here.



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