Kyla Derkach: Know who you are, trust who you are!

The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Kyla Derkach: Know who you are, trust who you are!

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Kyla Derkach: Know who you are, trust who you are!


Tune in as Heather chats with her Human Design Mentor, Kyla Derkach.

In 2017, I moved to Kyla Derkach to Spain from Canada entirely alone. She didn’t speak the language and had never even traveled there before. Kyla says she was lost at the time, but this adventure helped her find herself and, eventually, her husband. This also led to her starting her own business, Hatha Astro serving ambitious leaders worldwide, helping them align with their unique signature to create more income and impact through Human Design and Astrology.

Kyla's story is about learning who we really are, at a DNA level and then learning to TRUST who we really are.


Episode Takeaways:

  • Studied initially business management but was always adventurous, loved to travel, and wasn’t afraid to travel alone.
  • CBT Vietnam Documentary. Watch it here.
  • Wine grapes tell a story about the culture.
  • Kyla moved to Spain because she needed to learn a new language for her job.
  • Learning Spanish was total immersion while teaching English to local children.
  • Although Kyla had an interest in Spiritual work (Human Design and Astrology) it wasn’t front and center until she got to Spain.
  • Eventually, hiding from her internal reality and pain caught up with her and she had to explore it.
  • She “came out” of the spiritual closet in Spain.
  • She had no idea where or how to start but felt a deep “yes” and went for it.
  • Trusting the unknown and the path – it works.
  • Through learning what doesn’t work we begin to understand what does work.
  • Kyla grounds herself with a weighted blanket, a lavender eye pillow, and crystals and being still.
  • It’s about devouring each moment with intention.
  • Word of the year: Simplicity – Intentionality, minimalism, creating spaciousness physically and mentally, shorter to-do lists. Taking in simple nourishment.
  • Celebration: Self-care, connection with others, spicey margarita.
  • Just because the moon isn’t at its fullest expression doesn't mean it’s not there.

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