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Enjoy this special cross-over episode between The Brave Files and the Kindness Is podcast! Our host, Heather Vickery, was a featured guest on the Kindness Is Podcast with Kaitlin Johnstone. It's the perfect way to cap out Pride Month as Heather shares her personal story of claiming herself and showing up authentically.


In this inspiring episode of the ‘Kindness Is' podcast, host Kaitlin welcomes special guest Heather Vickery, a global leader and transformational success coach. Join them as they engage in a heartfelt conversation about the power of self-care, personal growth, and the beauty of embracing authenticity.

Heather shares her journey of self-discovery, including her experience of coming out later in life. Kaitlin and Heather delve into the importance of living authentically and the impact it can have on our overall well-being. They discuss the challenges Heather faced in recognizing her true self while juggling various roles spouse, mom, and businesswoman. Heather emphasizes the significance of making time for self-care, self-expression, and pursuing one's passions.

Throughout the episode, Heather highlights her coaching method called the “Brave Method,” which empowers individuals to overcome fears, design a life they love, and cultivate resilience. They explore the power of reassessment and reframing, allowing listeners to gain valuable insights into their growth journey.

Both Kaitlin and Heather stress the importance of celebrating progress, no matter how small, and acknowledging the positive impact it has on our lives. They touch upon the transformative nature of self-acceptance, both for ourselves and the ripple effect it can have on those around us.

If you're seeking inspiration, practical advice, and a reminder to embrace your authentic self, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to discover how you can break free from societal expectations, find your voice, and lead a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


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