Healing through History

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Healing through History

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Healing through History

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Trauma is passed down, via DNA, from generation to generation. And we’ve learned that it affects us in so many, previously unknown, ways. It’s something we know, conceptually, happens but we haven’t been able to really say how or why. Today’s guest, Sharon Tubbs, dives deep into this by writing about her family history, specifically her grandfather Israel Page in her new book “They Got Daddy.”

This candid and heart-centered conversation is one that helps bring healing and humanity to all of us, across whatever divides us. It’s honest, compassionate, and important.

Sharon Tubbs began her professional career as a newspaper reporter and editor. In a career that spanned seventeen years, she worked briefly for the Philadelphia Inquirer and then for the Tampa Bay Times. As a journalist, she covered various beats, including small-town government, local crime, and national religious issues. Today, Sharon is a writer, inspirational speaker, and the owner of Move Forward Communications. She’s also the director of a nonprofit organization that empowers underserved residents in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to live healthier lives.


  • Sharon felt called to write the story about her Grandfather’s experience in Alabama in the 1950s.
  • They Got Daddy is about Sharon’s grandfather being kidnapped by the KKK when he dared to sue a white man in Alabama over a tragic accident that left him unable to work.
  • Unless we tackle our history we are not truly able to heal.
  • History allows us to speak truth, process, and heal.
  • Not everyone wants to heal or dig through the trauma to get to the other side.
  • The biggest surprise during this process was self-forgiveness.
  • Being “colorblind” is basically a free pass to stick your head in the sand and pretend terrible things didn’t happen and are not, currently, happening.
  • When people have to rearrange their life based on what might happen, it leads to internalized fear and trauma.
  • Most of the pushback Sharon experiences is in the nonprofit community. 
  • When we know better we are obligated to do better.
  • Celebration for Sharon is relaxing and reading. Finding time to do what she wants!
  • CHARITY: Health Visions Midwest 
  • Connect with Sharon: www.sharontubbs.com, IG @sharontubbs 
  • Get Sharon’s book, They Got Daddy.

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