Creating a Sustainable Life: A Full-Bodied Experience

The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Creating a Sustainable Life: A Full-Bodied Experience

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Creating a Sustainable Life: A Full-Bodied Experience

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There are some people in the world that have a magical ability to see a gap in the world and fill it with just the right thing. That’s what today’s guest, Joanna Waterfall, did when she founded Yellow Co – an organization birthed from an idea that struck her one day while she was in the shower. Joanna believes that creativity, business, community and social impact should all go hand in hand. So she decided to create a platform and community that brought all of those things together.  She’s here to share her personal story of separating her worth and value as a human being from her professional achievements, which she did the hard way!

Joanna and her work have been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, Darling Magazine, The Good Trade, LA Lady Magazine, Bossladies Magazine, and more. She’s motivated by the belief that women can change the world through stepping out of fear and into who they were created to be – and, well, that’s exactly what we talk about here so Joanna, at the brave files.

Connect with Joanna on Instagram and find Yellow.com on Instagram and their website.

Episode Takeaways:

  • We have who we truly are and then a personality that’s created by the work we do. There’s room to surprise ourselves.
  • Self-discovery is a constant journey.
  • In order to grow her company, YellowCo, Joanna launched a Kickstarter and didn’t meet her goal
  • After her Kickstarter failed, her body completely shut down.
  • Joanna and her collaborators hosted a fail party when after the Kickstarter failed. What a beautiful way to celebrate life's lessons.
  • The company continued to host the Yellowco Conference and that eventually lead to a beautiful community. Joanna eventually launched Guidance Groups to continue to support people in between conferences.
  • Becoming a parent shifted Joanna’s entire way of existing and running a business.
  • The work of bringing people together is brave. All we can do is our best.
  • Celebration: Joanna journals a lot and uses that space to acknowledge wins and express gratitude.
  • Charity: Together Rising

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