Compassion and Understanding: Not just for women

Charles Matheus
The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Compassion and Understanding: Not just for women

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Compassion and Understanding: Not just for women

Vulnerability • Unleashes • Leadership

Society constantly tells us how we should behave. Charles Matheus joins Heather Vickery to talk about his is a mission to change this narrative. Charles is determined to remain vulnerable, honest, authentic, and freely admit when he steps back into what he calls “the man box.” By leveraging our privilege and connecting with other human beings we’re able to become people and far better leaders.

We’ve all had our brushes with Toxic Mascunality. It’s easy to see how toxic Mascunality is dangerous for women but it’s also a serious danger to men and ll people regardless of gender. And changing it takes a lot of unwiring, unraveling, and retraining all people on what it means to “BE A MAN.”

Our guest this week is Charles Matheus and he’s taking on Toxic Masculinity in a big way… But he calls it “The man box.” Charles uses “the Man Box” because of the negativity association with toxic masculinity. Sometimes, Charles says, we have to find a clever way into a conversation, and using polarizing words (even if they are accurate) won’t help us break through to the group who most needs it.

Charles freely admits that despite all his personal work and growth, he sometimes still finds himself “inside the Man Box.” He tries his best to recognize his behavior, take responsibility for it, and do better.

Charles and Heather tackle weakness, failure, what the hell is a “soft skill” and why does such important stuff has such a pathetic name, imperfection creates honest connection, using our privilege responsibility and using it to support others and what it means to be a true leader … AND SO MUCH MORE.

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