Can curiosity change your life?

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The Brave Files
Can curiosity change your life?

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Can curiosity change your life?

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When Juliana Garcia was growing up she had a lot of questions – and asking those questions often lead to punishment because Juliana was supposed to put her head down, do what she was told, not make mistakes and to never, ever question things.

Today, Juliana is an online entrepreneur with a multimillion-dollar business. She built this business on curiosity. She pioneers a cutting-edge client-centric approach that breaks the old school marketing rules and focuses on selling through intimacy, integrity, strong mindset tools, and zero BS.

  • Growing up Juliana believed that unless she was perfect she wouldn’t be enough and there would be punishment.
  • Forgiveness of self is the real game changer.
  • The most important relationship Juliana has is with her inner child. Now she has her own back.
  • You can be your own cheerleader.
  • Juliana’s “drug of choice” was validation.
  • She grew up with a desire to be understood.
  • Be in a state of constant curiosity. 
  • Traveling the world gave me the ability to empathize and it changed my life.
  • Powerful communication is about being interested and curious about what’s happening for others.
  • Asking questions about how others feel helps deescalate tense situations.
  • Just get it done, do the thing and be gentle with yourself in the process.
  • Being average was uncomfortable but perfect was unbearable!
  • Stop listening to everyone else – if it’s not working for you or you don’t like it, don’t do it!
  • Studying people is an excellent form of education.
  • Celebration always starts internally and then I share it externally.
  • Being witnessed in your winning allows others to believe in what’s possible.
  • Charity: Dogs and the innocence project.


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