American Radical: Saving America from the Inside

The Brave Files
The Brave Files
American Radical: Saving America from the Inside

Show Notes

The Brave Files
The Brave Files
American Radical: Saving America from the Inside

Obligation • Opportunity • Pride

Tamer Elnoury is not his real name … It’s one of several aliases he’s used throughout his career to infiltrate terror cells across the globe. His job was to decimate al-Qaeda and ISIS from the inside out. To put his arm around some of the worst people on the planet, convince them he was their brother in arms, and then ruin all their plans of death and destruction without them ever knowing he was coming.

Episode takeaways

  • Tamer started off as an undercover narcotics officer
  • He fully admits he was unprepared, filled with biases and preconceived notions. And THAT was dangerous and unsafe
  • It’s very hard to step out of ourselves and see people from their own perspective.
  • 911 became a personal calling for Tamer. He was uniquely positioned to help protect us.
  • This isn’t work you can mess up. There is no room for error.
  • “I had no idea what the radical mindset, the radical world was like.”

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