Aaron Leatherbarrow: The Punk Rock Teacher

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The Brave Files
Aaron Leatherbarrow: The Punk Rock Teacher

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Aaron Leatherbarrow: The Punk Rock Teacher

Rebellion • Empathy • Anarchy

From his punk rock and Christian roots to becoming an award-winning educator and TikTok sensation, Aaron Leatherbarrow's story is a testament to the power of empathy and authenticity.

Discover the challenges faced by teachers on the front lines in the United States. Hear how Aaron's punk rock background shaped his approach to education and led him to empower students through their voices.

Explore Aaron's groundbreaking initiatives, like the Punk Rock Pantry, providing essential supplies to families in need. Learn about the Punk Rock Unity Project, supporting teachers making a massive impact on their students' lives.

In this episode, we celebrate the resilience and determination of the punk rock teacher, leaving you inspired to challenge norms and embrace the transformative power of empathy in education.

This is a fun one yall!

Episode Takeaways: 

  • Aaron always functions at a high energy level – it’s exhausting but in a good way.
  • BUY BANNED BOOKS! Support Aaron’s “anarchy bookshelf”
  • Be a human. Like … a real human
  • Aaron grew up in a small, conservative Christian, structured world with the threat of Hell looming over his head at all times. Punk Rock changed his world.
  • If everything is fake, wrong, and horrible Aaron is always going to find a different way.
  • After high school, Aaron got married and became a children’s minister. But even then he focused on being kind and building safe communities.
  • All indecision is dead after you make a decision. Own it!
  • When Aaron decided to blow up his life he blew it all the way up.
  • When you are accepting belief is such a small world.
  • While teaching at a Christian school Aaron couldn’t teach blatant lies to students and that’s what the school wanted him to do.
  • After a random writing prompt, Aaron discovered the power of giving kids a voice. This was the beginning of his TikTok fame.
  • Punk Rock Pantry
  • After two days away Aaron returned to find the Punk Rock Pantry completely emptied. It was then he realized that if these kids were hungry, cold, and without hygiene supplies – so where their families
  • The Punk Rock Unity Project supports teachers who are making a massive impact on their students' lives.
  • The Punk Rock Teacher memoir – coming soon
  • Celebration is a challenge. Aaron goes and goes and goes
  • Charity: The Punk Unity Project and Sisters of Grace in Thailand
  • Cassette Crisis – Spotify
  • Spring Writing Workshop – May 21st JOIN NOW!

Connect with Aaron on TikTok or Instagram and get all his details there.


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