Build the business you want and the life you want without compromising on either

(Yes, that is actually possible and not at all "too good to be true"!)

Even though you've achieved what was promised to be the holy grail of business goals something is lacking.

You’re making five or six-figures , but you can’t seem to catch a break. You’re always “on” and your personal life is pretty much nonexistent - but you’re afraid to stop. With all the knowledge and experience in your big beautiful brain you know that you can achieve more. So why aren’t you increasing your income consistently? Why are you always so tired? Why does it feel like you’re always behind? Why are your relationships suffering?

You’ve been told that “all you need” is the next strategy, the next platform, more hires (that keep you up at night wondering how you’ll manage to pay their salaries), manifesting, meditating, the right mindset....

But you've tried those things and the're not working - and you have no clue what will.

I've got news for you.

It doesn't have to be like this.

You can have your cake and it too. Heck, eat a six-layer cake and lick the plate.

You can have a business that's thriving, and also have a personal life that you love.

Get unstuck with a VIP Day

Do you have one thing that seems to always be the obstacle keeping you from your dreams? During a VIP day with me, we'll dig deep into the mind blocks preventing you from moving forward and create an action plan that will take you all the way to your goal.

Design your new normal

You've spent your entire life, living the path that people claimed was your destiny. Well eff that! If burning it all down and starting a new life is sounding pretty damn amazing, then it's time to do it! My one-on-one coaching program allows you to design your new normal with intention and passion.

Imagine feeling in control of your life and business.

Not waking up feeling stressed or behind. Imagine if you knew exactly what you had to do every day to hit your goals. If you were able to shut your laptop at 3 on the dot and go to the beach with your family. Or take a vacation because you know that your business doesn't need you every second of the day.

A picture of a woman with a laptop

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to achieve this work life harmony and now it's your turn!

While many people say that “something’s gotta give” and “you can’t have everything” - I know personally, from coaching multiple clients, that if one part of your life isn’t doing well, the rest of it won’t either.  It’s true that you can’t have everything or do everything at once but taking the time to identify what truly matters and why will help you prioritize, set strong boundaries and build life on your own terms.

You actually can have anything you want (once you actually know what it is!) There’s a proven method that’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you finally grow the profitable business they dreamed of without completely sacrificing everything else in their lives!

When you work with me you get the life changing (my client's words not mine) 5 step coaching method The BRAVE Method™


Creating the right boundaries in your business and your life in order to make space for your top priorities.

Reassess, Reframe +Resilience

Taking the time to create assessment systems to find clarity and making sure you're staying on the path to success.

Action + Acountability

This part involves knowing exactly where you need to be spending your time and keeping yourself accountable so you stay on track!

Vulnerability + Authenticity

When we step into the world as our authentic, honest, vulnerable selves we're giving others permission to do the same.

Empower +Expand

Empowerment isn't something you can receive-it's not a gift. It comes from within - no one can empower you but yourself.

If you’ve been relying on tactics, new strategies every other day, and mindset “hacks” that are about as effective as grabbing a hammer and bashing your brains in...It’s your turn to discover and intimately learn my proven BRAVE Method™ so you can have satisfaction and success...instead of frustration and feelings of failure.

You've built a business from the ground up, they hustle is real but now...the passion and love is gone. You want to love your business, but you don't know what to do to bring back that spark. That's where Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs comes in.

Looking at your life and figuring out how to harmonize all the chaos isn't always easy. But sometimes you just need a catalyst to get you excited about life and business again. Join us for one of our events or workshops and walk away with more passion and excitement for everything you love.