It’s time to awake your potential and

live your best life.

The world we live in is just plain complicated and messy. When there’s so much going on that’s beyond your control it can leave you feeling frustrated, scared, and sometimes downright defeated.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and unfulfilled? Are you struggling to make decisions and take action, even when you know it could lead to a better life? Fear of the unknown or disappointing others holding you back? Are shame and judgment calling the shots in your life?

Do you find yourself holding onto anything that makes you feel even slightly secure, regardless of whether it's not actually good for you? 

Let's face it, it's not always easy to prioritize yourself and give your mind, body, and soul the love and care they deserve.

If you're nodding your head vigorously and shouting “HELL YES, that's exactly how I feel!”, then listen up because I've got some great news for you. It doesn't have to be this way! I fucking promise you, there’s hope … All you have to do is decide to believe in it.

How about another

“Hell Yes!?”

There is one  thing you can control … Yourself.

Harnessing the power of you is the key to awakening your potential, making your dreams come true and actually having a life you’re madly fucking in love with.


Taming the Chaos

the masterclass series that will take you on a transformative journey!

I'm Heather Vickery, your guide on this brave little adventure.

Over these four sessions, you'll unlock valuable insights and gain crystal-clear clarity on what you truly want for your future. You'll finally understand why you haven't achieved your desired life or business yet and develop the skills and mindset required to thrive despite the messy world around you.

But we're not stopping there, because this isn't just any run-of-the-mill masterclass. You'll be creating something specific to you, your life, your business, and your personal needs. That's right, this is your chance to customize your own success roadmap and set yourself up for the life you've always dreamed of. 

So, are you ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a better, brighter future? Join me for Taming the Chaos and let's make some magic happen!

I spent decades living society’s dream for me and believing I couldn’t feel “bad” about it because I had it good!

Plenty of financial stability, a beautiful home, healthy kids … So why did I feel so small, stuck, broken and just plain scared?

Oh I remember those days so clearly. Just recalling them now creates an actual pain in my heart. No, I’m not heartbroken anymore, but heartache like that has muscle memory, friend, and I can feel the ache for my past self and all she struggled with.

On the surface my life was perfect. What did I have to complain about? Someone actually said that to me once – and believe it or not that’s what cracked me open. I finally, for the first time, spoke my truth. I didn’t fit in the model life society wanted for me. And that felt so strange – having “everything” I was supposed to want and still feeling like shit all the time. What right did I have to want something different? Something more?

It turns out, I had every right … And so do you!

I lived in my self-imposed glass castle for a long time before I let it crumble and rebuilt it, on my own terms. Healthier, better, stronger. Perfectly imperfect. MINE!

Does this sound exciting to you? Are you ready to make massive shifts, trust yourself, put yourself first for a change, and then fucking do something about it!?

Then keep reading, because I have something exciting for you.

How can I join?

Are you ready to shed the shame and overwhelm and tame the chaos?

Payment options are available: You can pay the full registration fee of $592 in one payment, or you can choose to make two payments of $320 each. The first payment is due at registration. The second payment will be due July 1st.

Welcome to Taming the Chaos.

A 4-part masterclass series, designed to help you calm the internal turbulence in your life, gain mental and emotional freedom, and get into action. It’s time to take control of your own life, embrace your power and write your own narrative. 

No one else is you, that’s your super power. It’s time to trust yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This is a shame and judgment free zone … Seriously check that shit at the door because it’s not welcome here. 

Taming the Chaos is about learning to like and trust yourself right now, faults and all. It’s from this foundation that you’ll finally get out of your own way. Watch your life shift as you begin to ask for what you need and deserve. Now’s the time to understand what you actually desire in life and then build the damn thing.

Even better, you get to do it with other like-minded, heart-centered folks who are out here trying to make the world a better place right alongside you. Accountability, engagement, encouragement, empowerment. Are you ready!?

Each 45-60 minute masterclass is hands on, interactive and action oriented. Attending these sessions live makes a massive impact but, of course, replays will be available for all sessions.

  1. Get Out of Your Own Way: Stop sabotaging yourself and start living your purpose June 16, 2023, 12:30pm CT
  2. The Art of Boundaries: Finding freedom and empowerment June 30, 2023, 12:30pm CT
  3. From Setbacks to Success: The art shifting your mindset and learning from mistakes July 14, 2023, 12:30pm CT
  4. Activating Your Potential: Building your path to success July 28, 2023, 12:30pm CT

In these action-oriented and engaging intensives you'll gain practical tools and strategies to help you gain clarity, stay focused, be effective (not just productive), shift your mindset, prioritze your emotional wellbeing (that’s the strong foundarion required for all growth and success) and overcome obstacles with confidence.

If you go all in on this work you can expect results like these …

  • Learn to like and trust yourself more readily
  • Identify and manage your priorities
  • Unlock the power of self-care to boost your productivity and well-being
  • Discover strategies for managing stress and staying focused
  • Build your confidence and resilience in the face of challenges
  • Develop a success mindset and move past limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to manage your time and energy for healthier results
  • Discover the power of accountability and support
  • Unlock your full potential and achieve your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

The series includes all four masterclass sessions, custom workbook for each session and replays of each session.

Each masterclass session will be approximately 45-60 minutes long. In order to make the most of the sessions you’ll want to schedule in time for reflection, self-work, and actionable items.

All sessions start at 12:30 pm CT | 1:30 pm ET | 10:30 am PT

Session dates are: June 16, 2023, June 30, 2023, July 14, 2023, July 28, 2023

Taming the Chaos is for people who are tired of feeling like shit all the time. It’s for those of you who are ready to fill up your own cup, dig really deep into some honest truths and then create a new plan on your own terms. Stop people pleasing, take responsibility for yourself, trust yourself and really show up! This is a shame and judgment free zone – that includes self deprecating. Coach Heather is kind but direct and she calls bullshit when she sees it.

If you don’t want to go all in and do deep, honest work – this probably isn’t for you. It’s also not for you if you aren’t loving and affirming of all humans or don’t like cursewords (if this website copy didn’t already tell you that 🙂).

You’ll have lifetime access to the replays!


Have questions we didn’t answer here? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll gladly answer it for you.