Lost Luggage, Found Magic

In May 2023, I found myself on Mallorca, a Balearic Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, embarking on what was sure to be a dreamy adventure, when fate took me on a little unexpected ride. I arrived in paradise, but my luggage didn't. No toiletries, clean underwear, swimsuit, or my favorite travel companions like essential oils, skincare, hair products, or books!

Initially, frustration threatened to overshadow this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I decided to embrace surrender. I knew that being angry about my lost luggage would only diminish the beauty of this place and opportunity. So, for the first few days, I leaned all the way into the present moment and the enchanting surroundings.

As the days passed and my luggage failed to arrive, I was reminded of a valuable lesson – I can either choose to surrender or the Universe will force it upon me. Instead of allowing anger and frustration to cloud my experience, I decided to fully immerse myself in the beauty of the present moment. By doing so, I learned that surrendering to life's uncertainties can lead to unexpected joys and discoveries. Simply being present with myself and the moment was a gift. 

In the midst of my luggageless journey, I ventured into the Old Town of Palma de Mallorca to find a new dress because although I loved the travel dress I had arrived in. I couldn’t stand to wear it for one more day. And this is where things got a little unexpected. I decided not to play it safe with this new dress! Embracing self-expression and authenticity, I chose a beautiful silk, flowy dress that exuded comfort, uniqueness, and a hint of playfulness and a lot of sexy. There was nothing like this dress in my closet at home.

As the days passed, I transitioned to the Human Design Mastermind retreat I’d come to Mallorca for. We would be moving from the coastal town of Palma to Pollenca in the Mountains. Here, one of the highlights was a professional photoshoot in the magical surroundings. I admit, the lack of personal care products and my two-day-old dress left me feeling less than beautiful. However, the Universe had another message for me.

Amidst the villa grounds, with borrowed makeup and no haircare products, I decided to adore myself anyway. Not the perfected version I had intended to present to the camera, but an even more authentic version of me. Gratitude, passion, and self-acceptance became my armor. I surrendered to the moment and embraced the process of the photo shoot, even if I didn't expect the images to be remarkable.

Last week, we finally received the photos, and they took my breath away. The photo shoot turned out to be a testament to the inner adoration and self-acceptance I had chosen to embrace, as the images captured my resilience, authenticity, and the beauty of embracing life as it unfolds, unscripted.

Reflecting on this unforgettable journey, I discovered numerous lessons the Universe had woven into my path. Among them, the importance of finding joy in the process, no matter the obstacles. Each moment, each experience, held its unique magic if I allowed myself to surrender to it.

Moreover, I realized the incredible power of adaptability. Instead of clinging to expectations, I found strength in adapting to unforeseen circumstances, discovering that resilience lies within each of us.

Throughout my luggageless adventure, the Universe whispered valuable lessons in my ear. From letting go of the need for perfection to embracing self-expression and authenticity, I was reminded that life's magic can’t be confined to our comfort zones.

It feels like surrender is the work of my lifetime. I’m amazed at how often and how creatively the Universe brings surrender back into my life. Some of the other gifts and reminders from this experience include embracing gratitude, finding beauty from within, and reveling in the journey. Life has a way of offering us wisdom and opportunities when we least expect it. All we need to do is show up in the moment and let the Universe guide us to the enchanting wonders of the unknown.

Want to see the final result? I am so in love with these photos.

Here are my top 10 takeaways from this life experience

  1. Embrace Surrender: Embrace surrender and lean into unexpected situations, accepting them as they are. When faced with inconvenience, resist the urge to let frustration and anger take over. Instead, fully embrace the experience of the moment, finding the gift in accepting things as they unfold beyond your control.
  2. Find The Beauty Within: Even when external circumstances are less than ideal, slow down and stay present. Discover self-adoration from within, letting go of the need for perfection. You'll realize that you don't have to pack as much as you think to experience magical moments. Use this metaphor as you see fit 🙂
  3. Let Go of Perfection: Things simply don't always work out the way we envision and that has to be ok! Embrace imperfections. This will allow you to enjoy unforgettable experiences regardless of external circumstances.
  4. Adaptability and Resilience: When you face roadblocks, don't let them define your experience or dampen your spirits. Find ways to make the best of the situation, showcasing your ability to navigate challenges with grace and resilience.
  5. Gratitude for the Moment: Instead of dwelling on what you feel is lost or broken or feeling upset about a situation, choose to appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Practice gratitude for the unique experiences that each moment offers you.
  6. Inner Strength and Magic: Discover your inner strength and ability to embrace life's experiences with positivity. Even without familiar comforts and conveniences, you have your own magic within.
  7. Self-Expression and Authenticity: Find your own “flowy dress.” Empower yourself to be who you truly are, regardless of the circumstances.
  8. Lessons from the Universe: View every experience as a message from the Universe, offering opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Each challenge presents valuable lessons and insights to guide you on your journey.
  9. Find Joy in the Process: Even in the midst of initial disappointment, find joy in the process of every experience. Focus on enjoying the journey, appreciating the moments that unfold, and surrendering to the circumstances.
  10. Resilience and Beauty: Recognize your own strength shining through challenges. Embrace life as it comes, and let your authenticity radiate like the magic that's already inside you.