Become the Entrepreneur who can actually balance life AND business by leveraging your fears to Step into BRAVEry


To the ONLY hybrid coaching program that helps you UTILIZE your fear and balance both your life and your business to become one kick-ass AND JOYFUL entrepreneur...

The BRAVE Method is the coaching method created by Success and Leadership Coach Heather Vickery.

Do any of these sound like you?

If so, then I bet one of these is also true...

A lack of accountability and poor boundaries have been the linchpin that’s been holding you back from exponentially growing your business and balancing your life

Now’s the time for radical authenticity. In our first ever, solo episode, Heather Vickery shares a story of growth, self-trust and vulnerability. Tune in to hear Heather’s personal journey towards embracing her true colors and how she uses this experience to help others be their most authentic selves, build authentic businesses and live a more fulfilling life.

You know you haven’t hit your highest potential but it feels as though it’s right around the corner.

We’re so glad you found us. 
Get ready because we’re about to turn it all around.
2020 has kicked my butt from a business perspective, but joining Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs this fall was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. The return on my investment has been tremendous in terms of re-ignited motivation to work ON my business, cultivating new ideas that lead to business growth, a cohort of dedicated small business professionals who are there to help solve challenges and support me along the way. I love this program. It’s exactly what I needed.
Connie B.
IBE Member
Ice Cream connoisseur+
CEO of the BRown Cow
Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs (Hybrid Group Coaching Program from Vickery and Co's Heather Vickery)

The World’s #1 Hybrid Coaching Program for entrepreneurs
who wants 360° of success in life

We are a team of coaches and experts who teach badass entrepreneurs and professionals, like you, to identify where they truly want to go with their careers and what’s holding them back. We help you understand your fears and leverage them into powerful resources. It’s time to step into your BRAVE and take action steps to find balance in both your personal and professional life!

Until now, it’s been either 1:1 coaching or self-help books. Most online trainings are designed specifically for business or are strictly personal. They don’t help you balance both business and personal life.  But you and I both know that if there is imbalance in one, there’s chaos in the other. But it’s truth telling time!

Doing this work on your own is no longer an option. 

Want to grow and scale your business without feeling like you’re losing your mind, and your personal freedom in the process?

As a coach myself, I understand the enormous value of having a coach that understands and connects with you. I could not say no to joining Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs because I needed, no YEARNED to create and establish thriving Sex Coaching business and become a better version of me.

Angela L.

IBE Member, Coach + Clinical Sexologist

Here’s what you really need to know
(that no one is teaching)

to find balance in your Life and Business

You get it all in the program



our founder and ceo

Heather Vickery is known as the Master of All Things Brave. She helps people, just like you, become BRAVE leaders in their field and build thriving and impactful businesses all while maintaining a healthy and joyful work-life harmony.

As a success and leadership coach for entrepreneurs and high-powered executives around the world, Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs combines Heather’s high-touch coaching expertise and her real-life business building experience to create a program designed for those ready to take intentional action.

Have it all...

Heather Is

Heather is committed to sharing the importance of choosing bravely through her work as the host and executive producer of The Brave Files Podcast, featuring people who live courageously and make a real difference in the lives of those around them.

Let’s be real,

IF WHAT YOU'RE DOING WERE ALREADY WORKING, YOU'D already have what you want!

Which is exactly why you need an all-in-one program that walks you through everything you need to bring balance to your life and get you past whatever bullshit your imposter syndrome is telling you exists. It’s time to take up the space you deserve and bring your business along with you!

Your whole person transformation is needed by tens of thousands of people out there.

Let’s kick-start your business and bring some balance to your personal life. Together, we will get you through all the nitty-gritty work that has to happen when you run a business and bring you to a whole new level of success. You were not made to play small and neither were we!

I had completed 3 other programs with Heather prior to joining IBE. And just like any new thing I am always hesitant in the beginning, but I can honestly say Heather is the only coach I will ever work with! Each experience that Heather offers, I become a bolder, more confident and courageous human. The fact that it helps me expand my business is just the truffle salt on the popcorn!!

Hands down, Heather Vickery and the IBE program is my “double-check!” Prior to starting IBE I was rebranding my business, the pandemic hit and was just down. I needed more balance and to be honest a confidence boost that I was doing all the right things.

I had this expectation that I would show up once a week, learn a thing or two and do it again the next week. IBE has turned out to be so much more than that! The Monthly Guest Speaker trainings (which have been phenomenal), the bonus content, all the amazing people within the program, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I am learning something new and discovering more about myself and my business.​
Keith J. IBE Member
Keith J.
IBE Member
Creative Director at
Poetic Productions
Want to be unstoppable?
then it's time to stop letting fear control your life.

The program will show you how to make the changes you need to manifest your dreams, implement strategy, stay accountable and build a life and business that you love.

Get Ready to buckle down and do the work because you’re about to level up...big time.

Our are creating incredible results every day...

I didn't really know what to expect when I started, other than a positive environment where I would be pushed to reach my goals. It’s actually a great community of friends who love and appreciate each other and really want to see each other succeed. It's been a great experience and has really helped to keep me focused and engaged.

LeighAnne R.

IBE Member + 1:1 Coaching Client, Blogger

I joined IBE thinking there would be more 1:1 coaching, and as much as I love my 1:1 time with Heather during laser coaching, I am glad this program is group focused. These people that we’ve been introduced to are amazing. As we get to know who they are and help them on their journeys, we help ourselves along the way.

We have created a whole community of people in different industries, different cities all wanting to grow and learn. The BEST way to help yourself is to help other people. It's SO much easier to look at another person's situation and make a decision...but when it's your life, it's so much more complicated. When you have a group like this, everyone’s in it together!

Barbie V.

IBE Member, Photographer


Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs (Hybrid Group Coaching Program from Vickery and Co's Heather Vickery)

The Ultimate All-in-One, high-touch coaching program that helps you build a business and live a life that’s perfect for you.

The Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs Program is designed to take your life from surviving to thriving and you’ll have a lot more fun along the way!

your personal
board of

Get to the root of your fears

You won’t just push past your fears. You’ll do the work to understand them, learn from them, and then overcome them. A focus on your mindset, combined with intentional action, allows you to create the skills needed to leverage your fear into real, intentional, and sustainable bravery. And that bravery will translate into actionable and measurable results.

Depend on true accountability

We all need support to thrive, and it’s nearly impossible to grow business without real accountability. With unwavering accountability, you’ll be held to your commitments and experience exponential growth across the board.

Find empowerment within yourself ​

When you show up for yourself, you empower yourself. Empowerment comes from doing the hard, honest work. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! The path can be inspired by the success and effort of those around you. Having others on your side is the perfect motivation for creating a life filled with meaning and impact.

The BRAVE Method is the coaching method created by Success and Leadership Coach Heather Vickery.

The catalyst to a bolder, braver, more empowered life

The BRAVE Method is a tool you can always turn to. It inherently guides you to a place of empowerment. Think of it as the catalyst to create that leap that you’ve been avoiding for years. It’s an effective way to go from “little side hustle” to “badass entrepreneur!”

Our Members often join Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs just to get coaching and The BRAVE Method training. But once they get started in the program they discover all the content, advice, training, support, accountability and the passionate community is 10X’s more valuable than just The BRAVE Method alone (and that’s saying a lot!).

What it looks like to be

Elizabeth Hansen is an IBE Member

The minute I heard about the Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs program I knew it was the right choice for me. I had just decided to start my own business and everything about Heather and her work just resonated with me. She is so warm and radically authentic, more than any other coaches I have interacted with in the past.

Elizabeth H.

IBE Member, Executive Assistant + Founder of Let Liz Handle It

IBE is amazing! It is so much more than I ever anticipated. My commitments don’t alway afford me the time to participate as much as I’d like but the benefits I receive when I am able to show up are priceless.

I'm figuring out what I want for the first time in a long time. I've made new friends, started a new job and things are looking up after some darker times.

Mason Aid

IBE Member, Inclusion + Diversity Advocate

After years of being my own boss, this year I am making the journey back to the corporate world. I realized along the way that I didn’t want to go through this transition alone. The Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs program not only gave me the community of support I was craving but gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise from my own entrepreneurial journey with my peers.

I wasn't sure how this program would work since it's all virtual, but it is amazing the bonds that have already formed in the short time we’ve known each other.

Nicole Z.

IBE Member, Marketing Expert

What you get inside

Laser Coaching

Group coaching sessions to help you troubleshoot your current challenges and smash through your blocks - twice a month! In these sessions, you will get laser focus on a current issue and listen as others get support as well. We learn so much from hearing what others are working through (Heather charges up to $2000 a month for her 1:1 clients, so this is the absolute LOWEST price you will ever pay for her direct coaching!)


The power of community is undeniable, and masterminding with other high-achieving entrepreneurs can only help propel you farther than you ever imagined! Get together twice a month with your cohort peers and Molly Hicks, business strategist and systems expert, to break down the complicated parts of running your business into manageable pieces you can tackle.

Content Creation Coworking PowerHour

Need help sketching out your next big offering, navigating new systems or just need some peeps to throw some ideas against? Then the content creation Powerhour is your place to be. For 60 whole minutes we’ll come together to work on a specific business task, so that when you log off you’ll feel like you have just what you need to take action and make it all happen.

Q&A Strategy Sessions

Level up your brain power with these LIVE Q&A sessions. We all have our zone of genius, but sometimes we have to work outside that and having a place to come and ask questions so you know just what to do next is important. From topics like optimizingSEO, strategizing social media, to fine tuning your brand’s visual identity we’ll cover it all. Submit questions ahead of time, or ask them during the training.

Monthly Mindset Training

Utilizing The BRAVE Method ™ you’ll dig deeper with understanding how your mindset impacts success. The trainings and topics are selected based on the group's needs.

In addition to new trainings each month, you'll also get access to recordings of the trainings we've covered thusfar, such as:

  • Dreamscaping
  • Mindset and Limiting Voices
  • Your Vision and Why
  • Boundaries in Business
  • And more...

Monthly Business Training

Guest experts train you in different areas of business, entrepreneurship and better living. We will tackle things related to building a more successful business.

In addition to new trainings each month, you'll also get access to recordings of the trainings we've covered thusfar, such as:

  • Mastering Imposter Syndrome
  • How to Set Priorities
  • The Dream Client Formula
  • Think Like a Boss Speak Like a Friend
  • The Gifts of Delegation
  • And the list just keeps growing!


Cross-Cohort Buddies

Running a business is hard, doing it alone is harder. That’s why In addition to your accountability partner, you’ll be connected with a person outside your intimate cohort to focus on all things business.

Accountability Partners

This isn’t a set it and forget it program. It’s not a bunch of video trainings and downloads. IBE is all about accountability and getting into action. As a member you’ll be assigned accountability partners. These relationships will help you keep each other motivated and move the needle forward on a consistent basis.

Community of Peers

Our intimate community of members is one kick-ass place to check in about your wins, lessons, and struggles. Get support, advice, high fives, and hugs whenever you need it.

Quarterly Challenges

We’ll be incorporating these “sprints” into our year so that we can actually get things done and create transformation even quicker! With things like a sales call challenge, a commitment challenge, or a gratitude challenge - you won’t recognize yourself or your business at the end of each!


Molly Hicks

in-resident business superhero

With a background in graphic design, business strategy and all things techy, Molly's here to save the day.

Sabra Gilbert

Behind-the-scenes badass

We've got a lot happening in the program every week, and Sabra's the gal to make sure you know where to be.

Mary fields

Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

Missed a training, or just loved it so much you want to watch it again? Have no fear, Mary's here...putting it all in the vault.


Our training sessions are piled high with actionable steps you can take in both life and business. Each IBE cohort is made up of awesome humans who are in every step of the build-your-business and balance-your-life journey.

Most of the time when people say they are bringing in a guest speaker, you’ll see me roll my eyes because often it’s filled with fluff and I don’t learn anything. That has NEVER happened with anything that’s come out of the Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs program. Every laser coaching, mastermind and LIVE training session have been packed full of information to help me grow both personally and professionally.

Every. Single. Moment. I have spent within the Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs program has made me feel encouraged and supported without ever feeling judged (even when my business was on hold and I attended to more personal things).

I am proud to say that I have done and will continue to do that HARD work. Because today I write this having made my business a reality. My goal starting out was to cover my mortgage. Without even knowing the first 3 months of joining IBE I had exceeded that goal. I even have a growing list of retainer clients and am figuring out exactly how I want to niche down.

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs is the most useful entrepreneur group of all time.

Elizabeth H.

IBE Member, Executive Assitant + CEO of Let Liz Handle it

What we stand for

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs 12-month Program

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Choose the Payment Plan that’s Right for You

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12 Monthly Payments
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Annual Payment
*Save 10% off the total program cost, which makes each month just $791/month

Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs
Here's the proof

I honestly don’t know how I survived without Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs! Last year, life had hit hard. Between my commitments to my family, my business, and the COVID-19 pandemic I was left feeling overwhelmed and miserable. I just kept thinking, “What do I want to do with my life and how can I be happy again?!” Then I joined IBE and everything changed.

My life was still chaotic. My commitments were still the same, but the support I gained was priceless and helped me find myself again.

Barbie V.

IBE Member, Photographer

I look back at myself 3 months ago and wonder, “who is that?!” As a mom, wife and work-from-home entrepreneur, my plate is always full. But I saw myself as, “just a housewife” and was feeling uninspired and stuck. My husband had joined the first IBE cohort and I could see all the changes he was making and even got a birds eye view of how the program worked.

I wanted that growth for myself. I wanted to feel inspired! So when the doors opened for Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs in August, I knew it was time for me to step into my brave and start moving forward.

Jeanette J.

IBE Member, Founder + CEO of Listed

Here’s everything you’ll get in

Rebecca Qualito, IBE Member

This is that get-out-of-your-comfort-zone push that any business owner needs to make lasting change. A personal and business growth program that will help you uncover and identify your unique gifts and abilities that you can authentically share and connect with others on a deeper level.

Rebecca Q.

IBE Member Founder Rebecca Qualito Fitness

IBE is real, practical advice that is actually helping me achieve my goals.I really appreciate having this group as a sounding board, but also as a place to gather ideas and determine next steps forward that are actually achievable.

This group is a great place to be if you want to create something unique and special.

Leighanne R.

IBE Member, Blogger and Creator OF DRINKS WITH STRANGERS
Carly Gran IBE Member

I cannot express enough that this is not your traditional coaching program. Heather has truly thought through the needs of an entrepreneur and has created a flexible program that both meets general needs as well as personal needs.

I think that anyone looking for coaching, should consider Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs as the ONLY option.

Carly G.

IBE Member, Fine Artist + Graphic Designer
So what will you choose

You can “push past the fear” and do the thing regardless. It might not work out for you, but you conquered your fear, right? Only to be bumping right up against the same exact fear next time the situation comes up! In truth, this approach allows the fear to win.


You can actually get to the root of why you have that fear, understand it, learn from it and then overcome it through intentional action and mindset. Afterward, you’ll always have these skills to help you leverage your fear and never have to suffer the consequences of that deep-rooted unknowing again - which means you’ll breeze through similar challenges! Your fear is actually PUSHING YOU FORWARD instead of HOLDING YOU BACK!

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs 12-month Program

Get started now!

Choose the payment Plan that’s Right for You

most flexible


12 Monthly Payments
Largest Savings!


Annual Payment
*Save 10% off the total program cost,
which makes each month just $791/month


Here’s what Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs have to say:

This is probably one of the few times in my life I actually feel like I belong. That I am a part of the group and not just standing on the outside observing.

As an entrepreneur with ADHD, I knew I needed help. I was constantly getting overwhelmed and falling behind. I needed help to find balance between my home life, my podcast, and my passion for creating a community for adults with ADHD to feel heard. I have always been a Heather Vickery fan girl! So, when the first launch of IBE came out I knew I needed to find a way to join the program. When round two of IBE hit, and the invitation to the program hit my inbox, I WAS IN!

The IBE program is more than I imagined. All of the people in the group are amazing and Heather is so very insightful, caring, and honest. It's more than accountability and coaching; it is discovering more about yourself and what you truly want to do and be. The IBE group works as the best cheering section you could have when working on your business.

Heather gets people, she can read them. She knows what they need and can help them figure out what they want even if they don't know what that is. Then points them in the right direction. She gives a push when it is needed and knows when someone needs more.
Jeanette G.
IBE Member, Executive Producer + Host of Excuse My ADHD podcast

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs 12-month Program

Get started now!

Choose the payment Plan that’s Right for You

most flexible


12 Monthly Payments
Largest Savings!


Annual Payment
*Save 10% off the total program cost,
which makes each month just $791/month

I don’t know a single program that offers this level of coaching and direct support!

one more thing

Imagine waking up excited to dive into your day, no longer bogged down by your endless commitments and tolerations. Consider what it might feel like to simply know you are taking the steps necessary to create the life and business you’ve always desired. Think about how you would carry yourself knowing you are choosing bravely.

You don't have to continue the hustle and struggle on your own.

Apply today and begin your journey to a Braver Bolder Life
and get instant access to the IBE vault + exclusive membership group

Plus these amazing bonuses

have Questions?


What does Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs Cost?

We currently offer 3 payment options for the Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneur 12-Month Program:

  • (12) Monthly Payments of $879
  • Full Payment of $9499 (10% Savings)

What is Included in Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs?

IBE includes our membership site that holds our ever expanding training vault, bi-monthly laser coaching, bi-monthly mastermind, monthly guest expert training, monthly training on The BRAVE Method™, Monthly Co-working Power Hours, Monthly Strategy Q&A, Marco Polo Access to Heather and Molly, and access to our exclusive member community of entrepreneurs.

Who is this program for?

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs is designed with action-oriented people in mind. Meaning: people who are ready to make a change from what they’ve been doing because they know it isn’t working. These people are ready to actually take action. 

IBE is perfect for everyone on the entrepreneurial journey – no matter their field or expertise. From established entrepreneurs ready to scale to the next level, to passionate people just starting to think about starting a business who want to “do it right”.

IBE is designed with action-oriented people in mind. Meaning: people who are ready to make a change from what they’ve been doing because they know it isn’t working. These people are ready to actually take action. 

This program is perfect for everyone on the entrepreneurial journey- no matter their field or expertise. From established entrepreneurs ready to scale to the next level, to passionate people just starting to think about starting a business who want to “do it right”.

Because of the 360 nature of the IBE program, emotions (both of celebration and frustration) can become very strong. Radical authenticity is one of our core beliefs, and this vulnerability from our members is a milestone of growth. It is important for IBE members to be able to divinely detach and not take on the struggles and emotions of others.

We are a playful and creative community that loves to share about all aspects of our lives. It's not uncommon for IBE members to host their own pop up social gatherings to talk passions and hobbies like tarot or painting. It's truly so much fun!

Is this a good program if I haven’t actually started my business yet?

Absolutely!  We have had many prior members who joined IBE just as they were starting their entrepreneurial journeys. By implementing The BRAVE Method™, expert training, and all the other tools IBE offers in the development of your business, you will find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your DIY peers. That being said, the tools you learn in IBE require you put in hard work and dedication. 

Does this program cover all aspects of life?

Yes. Just as all members are in different places along their entrepreneurial journey, many stages of life are represented in IBE as well. As a group of people working to choose bravely, it’s often impossible to separate business from personal life. While the work is geared towards business growth, these tools most certainly come into play in the daily lives of members as well. 

Will this work for me if I struggle with balancing how much time I want to actually dedicate towards my business?

100%, yes. This is what The BRAVE Method is all about – determining what success looks like to YOU and implementing the habits and tools needed to get you there. So if you aren’t sure exactly what you want, but you know you want more, then IBE is for you. The important piece here is that you’re ready to put in the work to discover what it is you truly desire.

I’m looking at a few programs right now -- what makes yours different?

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneur is unlike any other coaching program out there. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We don’t believe in cookie cutters goals, ideas, or strategies when it comes to living a radically authentic life. This program is different because it absolutely pushes members to unlock an aspect of their life and business that they’ve never known before. Uncharted territory is where growth happens. Our high-touch approach means you’ll be held accountable in ways you won’t find anywhere else.

Will I get feedback on my progress during the program?

All day, every day. This is a super interactive group full of people who are here to succeed (and see their peers succeed alongside them). You need to be open and willing to accept constructive feedback for the process to work to its full potential. Again, IBE is all about accountability, so expect to be held to a high standard! We are all here to learn, stretch, and grow.

I’m already pretty good at setting boundaries within my life and business. Is Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs just for beginners to entrepreneur life?

No way. While learning to set effective boundaries is a skill we all need to focus on, it’s just one small part of what it looks like to choose bravely. (However, I’m going to go ahead and outwardly state that I bet you can get even better at boundaries, my friend!) IBE members are constantly discovering new ways to level up, so this program is always beneficial and effective for people at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. 

I am uncomfortable with stretching and putting myself out there when it comes to my business experience. Will this program only work for experienced Entrepreneurs?

Not at all! Many of our Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneur members are brand new when it comes to business (or are just now learning to put themselves out there too). This is something that comes with practice – much like anything else in life! If you’re nervous about taking the leap, Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneur is exactly what you need. Remember, everything you’ve ever wanted is just on the other side of uncomfortable. 

How much time do I need to dedicate each week to the program?

The amount of time you spend each day is up to you.  You get to set the boundaries around when and how you show up.  The people who show up grow up, so we do encourage our members to prioritize attendance for trainings and calls.  Video check-ins are short, and we highly encourage setting a personal boundary around how much time you spend interacting with fellow members.  We only say this, because members tend to get so excited to see what other IBE members are up to that hours pass before they realize it!

If you are looking for a more concrete answer, our members spend an average of 3-5 hours each week participating in IBE activities.

I have a therapist, can I still be a member of this program?

Most definitely! While Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs dives deep into issues that often control our lives, this is not a replacement for professional therapy. We focus closely on the things holding you back in life and business and implement new strategies to get you moving in the right direction. Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs and professional therapy could make a powerhouse combination when it comes to living a life of intentional bravery. 

Will I have lifetime access to Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs?

The Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs program is a 12-month program, and you will have access for that entire period.  If at the end of the 12-months you wish to remain in the program, you will have the opportunity to renew for another 12-months.

Intentionally BRAVE Entrepreneurs 12-month Program

Get started now!

Choose the payment Plan that’s Right for You

most flexible


12 Monthly Payments
Largest Savings!


Annual Payment
*Save 10% off the total program cost,
which makes each month just $791/month
*Disclaimer: Just to be sure this is clear - transformation takes WORK. The reason this is a 12-month program (minimum, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like and remain at your current membership rate no matter what the program fees are for new members) is because with the right support and guidance, you can be in a completely different place a year from now. Even 6 months from now. Heck, if you take action right away (and that’s the whole point) you’ll see some results in a few weeks! But you have to be willing to do the inner work, step out into your BRAVEry, and truly embody the incredible person and entrepreneur you are. I put a thousand percent into each and every one of my clients, and if you do the same, you WILL achieve greatness.

ready to join ibe?

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