Hey there, awesome entrepreneur!

Are you ready to get free from the mind haze of today and build the business and life you want – without compromising on either?

Your life and business have been thrown into a tailspin.
You didn’t sign up for this, but here you are – braving the storm.


You may be wondering if it’s possible to design a business that financially and emotionally serves you, instead of the other way around, especially right now!You’re ready to finally break through that success ceiling (and that mind numbing haze)you just can’t seem to shatter. 

(Yes, this is actually possible and not at all “too good to be true”!)

learn all about it!

I see you.

I understand you.
I am you.

You’re an entrepreneur with a successful business – to all intents and purposes. Or maybe you’ve been thrown into entrepreneurship all of the sudden and not really sure how to navigate it?

Here’s what you know.

You’re good at what you do. Hell, you’re fabulous at what you do.


You know you can achieve more. You have all the knowledge and experience you need. You deserve more. So why aren’t you increasing your income consistently? Why are you always so tired? Why does it feel like you’re always behind? Why are your relationships suffering? Why does it all seem so damn hard?

You want a successful business, but at this point you’re not even sure what success means.

You’re being told “now is the time to pivot”  and thatall you need” is the next strategy, the next platform, more hires (that keep you up at night wondering how you’ll manage to pay their salaries), manifesting, meditating, the right mindset

But you’ve tried those things and they’re not working and you’re freaking tired. You have no clue what will will actually work and figuring it out feels like just too much

You see the possibilities, though.

You can picture them, almost taste them! You might have business friends who get to take evenings and weekends off, have regular vacations with their families, fit in consistent workouts and healthy food (say what!?), all while their business THRIVES…

secure your spot

And here you are…

Barely managing 3 decent meals a day (ok, let’s be honest it’s probably more like 2 meals and a handful of nuts!), the gym’s are shut down, the coffee shops are closed and nothing that makes you feel “normal” is available to you.Your spending you life on Zoom calls, on the phone or responding to email. Constantly putting out fires and never really getting farther than you already are.

Or are you so overwhelmed by it all that the best you can do is scroll through your social media feed because it’s all too much?

You want a piece of that “success” everyone’s talking about, but you’re unclear what success might actually look and feel like for you.

Well you're not alone!

Did you know that a study in 2019 showed that…
How are we supposed to live like this!?

51% of surveyed small business owners confessed that they denied themselves a paycheck in order to put the money into their business

of surveyed small business owners confessed that they denied themselves a paycheck in order to put the money into their business

25% of small business owners convessed they hadn't taken a paycheck in 6 months

of them confessed they hadn’t taken a paycheck in 6 MONTHS?

42% of small business owners said they sacrifice much of their social life and personal hobbies to manage their business's cash flow needs

said they sacrifice much of their social life and personal hobbies to manage their business's cash flow needs.

I’ve got news for you.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can have your cake, and eat it too. Heck, eat a six-layer cake and lick the plate!

You can have a business that’s thriving, and also have a personal life that you love. And one day we will be able to leave our homes again and engage with the outside world!

Everyone says that “something’s gotta give” and “you can’t have everything”…


I know personally, from coaching dozens of clients…that if one part of your life isn’t doing well, the rest of it won’t do well either.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s true that you can’t have everything or do everything at once but taking the time to identify what truly matters and why will help you prioritize, set strong boundaries and build life on your own terms.

You actually can have anything you want

(once you know what it is!)

There’s a proven method that’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you finally grow the profitable business they dreamed of without completely sacrificing everything else in their lives – and without letting their inner voice hold them back!

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The real problem with the hustle mentality

Let’s talk about this for a minute. “Pushing through” your fears to achieve success isn’t as easy as all the personal development gurus lead you to believe. Or every second person on Facebook right now that’s telling you to “make the most of this time you’ve been given”

You’ve tried reading 47 mindset books and reciting 33 affirmations to yourself per day – and yet not really believing in them deep down.

You try buying business,marketing, and mindset courses, one after the other, by guru after guru, all promising overnight success if you just do it their way – and no matter how hard you try, their way doesn’t seem to be working for you.

You realize that your profit margin is in the toilet, that you keep hustling for clients, and that you’re neglecting your family, kids, friends, and your self-care because you just can’t get off the entrepreneurial roller coaster…

and you just sit there

Wondering when it’ll ever be your turn

Doubting that you’ll EVER make your business a success (and even wondering if you should just go back to a J-O-B – hey, you won’t feel personally fulfilled, but at least you’ll have a steady paycheck.)

Pondering why success seems to be just out of your grasp no matter how many courses you take or strategies you try.

I want you to know one thing

I know that, right now, it feels like you’re completely stuck and you will be forever. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The thing is – we always assume that we can’t have it all.

A successful business and a successful marriage.

A fantastic team and a great relationship with our kids.

Consistent revenue and time to take vacations and just enjoy your life.

Well, I’m here to call you out on that assumption

It’s wrong.

“You can have it all, but you don’t have to do it all.”

That’s my constant refrain to my clients and it has transformed their lives.

The truth is this.

All of these marketing strategies and courses might be full of valuable information, but they aren’t just confusing you, they’re wasting you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in money and time!
Because the problem is, you’re not getting to the root of what’s stopping you from achieving true success and personal fulfillment.

It’s your FEAR.

And often we find ourselves paralyzed by fear, or trying to just “push through it” without trying to figure out where it comes from, and how it’s affecting everything in our life.

For example, we often try to build our team because we’re told that’s the way we’re going to scale without working all the time – but there are fears that hold us back and keep us from leading our teams with confidence.

Fear that you won’t be able to sustain their salaries

Fear that you don’t even know WHO you need to hire

Fear that they won’t be able to do things as well as you – so they end up having no autonomy and come to you for every decision

Fear that you aren’t “cut out for running a big business” which makes you lead with much less confidence and impacts your team’s work

But the real issue isn’t the fear, it’s how you cope with your fear.

Here’s the thing. Everyone has fears. They are natural human emotions! If we didn’t feel fear, we’d either not be human or be sociopaths!

But here’s my question – when you hit up against a fear – no matter what it is:

What do you do?
You really only have two choices.


You can “push past the fear” and do the thing regardless. It might not work out for you, but you conquered your fear, right? Only to be bumping right up against the same exact fear next time the situation comes up!

In truth, this approach allows the fear to win.

You can actually get to the root of why you have that fear, understand it, learn from it and then overcome it through intentional action and mindset. Afterward, you’ll always have these skills to help you leverage your fear and never have to suffer the consequences of that deep-rooted unknowing again – which means you’ll breeze through similar challenges!

Your fear is actually PUSHING YOU FORWARD instead of HOLDING YOU BACK!
(Guess which one I’d pick.)
This is EXACTLY how I help my clients using my signature

BRAVE™ Method

The BRAVE ™ Method incorporates 5 main components:



Creating the right boundaries in your business and your life in order to make space for your top priorities.


Reflection, Reassessment, and Resilience

taking the time to create assessment systems to help you find clarity and making sure that you’re staying on the path to success, and learning resilience that is the #1 thing that determines success.


Action and Accountability

Taking action is important, but you want to make sure it’s the right action. This part involves knowing exactly where you need to be spending your time and keeping yourself accountable so you stay on track!



No, not the “vulnerability” that all of the Instagram influencers are pushing these days. When we step into the world as our authentic, honest, vulnerable selves we’re giving others the permission to do the same.



Empowerment isn’t something you can receive – it’s not a gift. It comes from within – NO ONE CAN EMPOWER YOU BUT YOURSELF! We can inspire you, motivate or encourage – but empowerment is the result of doing the WORK of the BRAVE Method ™


intentionally brave entrepreneurs

The one-of-a-kind, high-touch, hybrid coaching program, and community that helps you build a business and live life. One that’s perfect for you and your unique strengths, personality, and – yes – FEARS!

Imagine feeling in control of your life and business.

Not waking up feeling stressed or behind. Imagine if you knew exactly what you had to do every day to hit your goals. If you were able to shut your laptop at 3 on the dot and go to the beach with your family. Or take a vacation because you know that your business doesn’t need you every second of every day.

Instead of trying things like:

I’m Heather Vickery,

and I’ve had to work through my fears HARD-CORE in order to come out on the other end with my sanity, family, and business intact!

I’m a success and leadership coach for entrepreneurs and high-powered executives, but what you might not know about me is that just a few years ago I was anxious, miserable in a marriage that was completely wrong for me, and struggling to balance my business and family – without succeeding at either.

I finally decided that enough was enough, and I pulled together all of my training and experience to create the BRAVE method ™ .
Now, after doing some really hard self-work, I’m serving clients that bring me joy, and both my business and my life are THRIVING, not SURVIVING.

And I’ve helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs like you do the same!

Are you wondering if this is real?

Now, you might be feeling skeptical.
You need real solutions, I know. What would that look like?



the absolutely WORST thing is when you can’t figure out what you really want, least of all your next step. My goal is to make sure you’re not lost in the woods when it comes to your business and life priorities, I want you to find your next intentional step



I’ve created a personalized coaching experience, without the high price tag of 1:1 coaching (I currently charge $12,000 for my 1:1 coaching package) so that you can get the help and accountability you need in order to not only hit but surpass your goals!



Everybody needs somebody. And this group of Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs will be there for you, for support, for feedback, for advice, for accountability, and sometimes just to listen! This is not just a community, but a family.


I created this hybrid program that combines coaching, training, masterminding, accountability and community – – especially for you, and all ambitious, high achieving entrepreneurs. Learn to  be intentional with your decisions to achieve success in both business and life – because you deserve it and need a real solution!

This isn’t just a business mastermind and it isn’t a “course” that you take and then are on your own. In this year long program, I’ll help you holistically – in the trifecta of business, personal life, and self-care – because I know that when we uplevel one, the others rise as well. And you'll be part of an amazing community of driven, passionate people just like you! The community component is part of what makes Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs so special.

grab your spot now!

But hey, don’t take my word for it.
Here’s what just a few people are saying:

I don't know where I would be without Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs

I have been struggling with Imposter Syndrome for quite a while, but I didn’t know how to move past it and take intentional steps to grow my business. My inner voice just kept telling me that I was never going to “make it”. With Heather’s guidance and the support of my fellow IBE members, I am learning to quiet that (really annoying) imposter syndrome. Not to mention, I don't’ know where I would be mentally without my IBE business buddies. Being able to check in everyday to vent without judgement, or sugar-coated nonsense is AMAZING! It gives me the strength to get through the day and move towards growth for myself and my biz. I tell EVERYONE I know how much I love being in the Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs Program and am ecstatic to see what happens in the next 8 months of this program.

Molly Hicks
Molly HicksBiz Strategist

Most useful entrepreneur program of all time!

I had just decided to start my own business and had heard Heather speak on a podcast. The Intentionally Brave Program instantly resonated with me. Everything about life has been in upheaval because of Covid19 and Heather has done a great job of tailoring the message. I feel encouraged and supported and never feel judged or disapproved of even though my business is on hold right now. Resources are available even after they are presented so you are able to do things at your own pace.

LIz HansenMompreneur

Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs is geared towards helping you become the best, most successful version of yourself:

As a person

taking time for yourself, spending time with the people you love, doing more of what fuels your mind and ignites your soul

As a business owner

leading your team with confidence, scaling your business consistently, taking intentional action every day towards your goals

as a healthy human

who prioritizes self-trust and self-care because you can't support others if you're not supporting yourself

Now You Can Achieve True Success – With Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been relying on tactics, new strategies every other day, and mindset “hacks” that are about as effective as grabbing a hammer and bashing your brains in…

It’s your turn to discover and intimately learn my proven BRAVE Method™ so you can have satisfaction and success… instead of frustration and feelings of failure. Why not stand over my shoulder and watch as I share my secrets with you?

Are you ready to become an Intentionally Brave Entrepreneur?

When you join Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs, my one-of-a-kind, high-touch 12-month coaching program, you will build a business and LIFE that is perfect for YOU and your unique strengths, personality, and – yes – FEARS!

What’s Included Inside of the Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs Program:

The BRAVE Method™ Coaching At Your Fingertips (value: PRICELESS)

I’ll be constantly walking you through every step of my BRAVE Method ™ and teaching you how to apply each skill to your real-life so that you can stop holding yourself back from the success I know you’re capable of and start choosing BRAVE.

Monthly Training Sessions with Heather and Guest Experts (value: $2376)

I’ll be bringing in monthly guest experts to train you in different areas of business, entrepreneurship and better living. We will tackle things related to building a more successful business and life. Here are just a few of the training we will offer:

Then… I’ll be doing a follow-up training each month to help you apply the BRAVE Method ™ to what you’ve learned for deeper understanding and success. And I'll throw in a few bonus trainings as well!

Laser Coaching Sessions with Heather (value: $5997)

Group coaching sessions to help you troubleshoot your current challenges and smash through your blocks – twice a month! In these sessions, you will get laser focused on a current issue and listen as others get support as well. We learn so much from hearing what others are working through (Heather charges up to $2000 a month for her 1:1 clients, so this is the absolute LOWEST price you will ever pay for her direct coaching!)

Mastermind Calls (value: $2397)

The power of community is undeniable, and masterminding with other high-achieving entrepreneurs can only help propel you farther than you ever imagined!

Accountability Partnerships (value: $997)

Something I always hear from friends is that they join programs but there isn’t enough accountability to push them to take action. We will be setting up accountability partners so that you can keep each other motivated and moving the needle forward, between coaching calls!

Monthly Co-working “Power Hours” (value: $1200)

Monthly co-working sessions centered around areas of growth as identified by participants. It's so much easier to learn new things and get into action when you do them with others!

Supportive Facebook Group (value: $1997)

Get feedback, support, advice and sometimes a kick in the butt when needed from our group of rockstar entrepreneurs! This Facebook group will be where we congregate to ask for help, celebrate our wins, and truly become a family.

Marco Polo Access (value: $1997)

Connect with Coach Heather and members of TeamBRAVE as well as your cohort and accountability partners when ever you want, via Marco Polo!

BONUS: Quarterly Challenges (value: $997)

We’ll be incorporating these “sprints” into our year so that we can actually get things done and create transformation even quicker! With things like a sales call challenge, a commitment challenge, or a gratitude challenge – you won’t recognize yourself or your business at the end of each!

BONUS for Attendees of The Brave Method Workshop

30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Heather (value: $337)
PLUS (9) awesome bonuses from our BRAVE week partners (value:$1,600)

Listen, this is the ultimate program to get all of me PLUS all the extra support – I don’t hold anything back!

TOTAL VALUE: $16,974

$879/month (12-month commitment)


Who is this for?

This program is for you if:

This program is not for you if:

(Frankly, I know that’s not you – don’t worry!)

If you’re worried this only works for high-powered corporate businesspeople or 7-figure business owners,
take a listen to what these people just like you said…

I don't know how I would have survived without this amazing group.

Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs is a safe space with a like minded community where you can talk out loud, figuring out what you want and an amazing support group to help you get there!

The BEST way to help yourself is to help other people. It's SO much easier to look at another person's situation and make a decision… but when it's your life, it's so much more complicated. When you have a group like this and everyone is in it together

I have loved being part of this program and tell all of the people!! I say that it’s therapeutic for my biz… AND my mental health!!

Barbie Hull Varnes
Barbie Hull VarnesWedding Photographer

I always turn to Heather for my “double check”.

IBE is a life and work coaching system for entrepreneurs that works by being balanced in its own self.Heather's individual guidance, the group meetings, & accountability partnerships intentionally all get you to a on the path to balance in your life and biz.

Keith JorgensenVideographer

Everyone needs a Heather Vickery in their life!

Theresa R.


Just to be sure this is clear – transformation takes WORK. The reason this is a 12-month program (minimum, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like and be grandfathered into this introductory rate!) is because with the right support and guidance, you can be in a completely different place a year from now. Even 6 months from now. Heck, if you take action right away (and that’s the whole point) you’ll see some results in a few weeks!

But you have to be willing to do the inner work, step out into your BRAVEery, and truly embody the incredible person and entrepreneur you are. I put a thousand percent into each and every one of my clients, and if you do the same, you WILL achieve greatness.

The "V" Guarantee

I guarantee that if you show up, put the time and effort in to utilize all of these resources available you will see marked increases in their business, life, and overall well being. They will be thriving, happier, and more successful – on your own terms.

TOTAL VALUE: $13,777


Just $649/month (12-month commitment)


sign up for intentionally brave entrepreneurs

I want you to succeed

Now, I know you can achieve everything you want to achieve when your mind is in the right place.

You can do the math yourself: you can join a high-ticket coaching program for $20K or more, and STILL not get the amount of support you’re going to get in here, for less than $21 a day!

For less than grabbing some curbside ice cream and funding your starbucks addiction  every day, you can completely transform your business and life.

In fact, I don’t know a single program at this price level that offers this level of coaching and direct support!

Plus, I’ll teach you to become the CEO of your business AND your life – to completely restructure them so that you can feel balanced and be completely supported. I’m going to guide you through each step as you optimize your business.

You’ve seen the testimonials and so you know the sky’s the limit for the level of personal and professional success you can achieve.

You can do the same thing over and over again…hustling around the clock, feeling lackluster about your team or professional growth, sacrificing everything for a business that you’re not even sure you love anymore, and not really getting ahead no matter how hard you work…

You know that continuing the way you are now is has cost you thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns that didn’t work because you weren’t clear on what you wanted from your business, hiring the wrong people because you didn’t know who you needed to support you, and high-end coaches who you hire out of desperation, not to mention the cost to your health and sanity (you can’t even put a price on that!)

With Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs I’m giving you the blueprint to my years of experience and results, so you can actually build the SUCCESSFUL, PROFITABLE business you’ve always dreamed of.

Build your business around your life and not the other way around!

You wake up for the day completely well-rested because you know you can sleep until you get up. You do some meditation or journaling and reading, and get in a good workout before showering and getting to work for the day.

You start off the day with some content creation – you know that you have the space to create all the inspired content you want, and it flows out of you like you were BORN to deliver this message. (Truth? You were.)

Then you get in a few hours of work with your clients (whom you’re completely in love with) before taking a break for lunch.

As you bite into your sandwich and take a sip of your smoothie – wait, what’s that? It’s a notification that someone’s booked a discovery call with you! Looking over their questionnaire, you marvel at the fact that they already seem to be a perfect fit for your services. You know that you’re so clear on who you want to work with that you’re naturally attracting those people!

After doing some engagement on social media with your communities and a couple of discovery calls, you check in with your assistant to make sure that no urgent emails or messages have come up, and then you’re done for the day!

You’re free to spend time with your family, get a manicure, go for a quiet walk alone, or just BE – because you know that everything that needs to get done is done, and you’re completely aligned with the business you’ve built.

The fact is, you can make a choice right now… stick with the same hustle mentality that we already know, isn’t working for you… or try this solution and work towards the scenario I just described?

You owe this to yourself! Are you worth it (hint: yes, you are)?

yes, sign me up!


This is a very expensive membership!

Expensive is subjective based on value and quality! Also, this isn’t a membership. A membership is essentially a content bank where more content is added every month, and generally does not have any extra support – it’s all DIY! This is a group coaching program, at a super affordable price point (things like this normally go for at least $7,000 for just THREE months – and you’re paying less than that for the whole year!) Like I said, you’ll never find something with this level of support at this price point – not to mention the fact that I’m the only one with my signature BRAVE Method™!

There’s no way I can have it all – this sounds too good to be true.

Okay, work just one hour a day, from your bed, and bring in millions TOMORROW, if that’s what you’re thinking, but you CAN “have it all” – the successful, profitable business, the strong family relationships, the physical and emotional health – when you put the right systems into place. Trust me – I’ve worked with enough clients to know this!

What makes this different from having a mindset coach?

This isn’t just mindset work. This is a holistic coaching approach, encompassing mindset, best business practices, marketing, and leadership. I’m not super “woo” but I do believe in the immense power of the mind to completely change our reality – and you will too!

I don’t need this. Why do I need this specific method?

My BRAVE Method ™ is unique because instead of using tools to push past fear, we actually dig into our fears and turn them into strengths. Imagine if you could find your greatest weaknesses and turn them into your greatest strengths? You’d be unstoppable! So yeah, this method is special, and all you need to do is look at my client testimonials to see it.

I don’t have time to add something like this into my life.

Frankly, you can’t afford NOT to dedicate the time. Without taking stock of where you are and how you can improve, you’ll find yourself a year, 5, years, 10 years from now in the same place of struggle or even worse off. The only way to truly transform your life is to stop and do the work – I promise you’ll look back in a year and barely be able to recognize yourself!

What if I don’t get any results from this program?

I can promise you that I give my absolute ALL to my clients. I’ll give you all the support I can, in exchange for you doing the work! I’ve never had a client who truly did the inner work and DIDN’T get results from working together. I don’t intend for you to be the first!

TOTAL VALUE: $13,777

YOUR PRICE DURING INTENTIONALLY BRAVE WEEK:  Just $649/month (12-month commitment)


I'm ready to choose bravely + secure my spot

I believe in you. Now believe in yourself.
It's time to Choose Bravely!