Growing from Goodness–Building Your Biz From Contentment Over Competition

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Have you always wanted to be “the best” at something? Or have you always thought you HAD to be the best at whatever you did?

What if you didn’t have to be the best? 

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to let go of all the pressure you feel in your work or business to: go bigger, be the best or strive for more.

As ambitious—sometimes tunnel-visioned—entrepreneurs, it’s easy to attach our self-worth to our work. (I’m working on this, admittedly.) 

This means that slowing down, taking a breath and saying no to “bigger” and “more,” when the opportunities present themselves, can feel impossible—ridiculous, even. 

Dreaming up big goals for your future can be a wonderful thing, but feeling pressured to want or do more when you don’t (or can’t) is some capitalistic bullshit.

The most beautiful things in business are created out of a space of contentment, authenticity and alignment in who you are and where you’re at.

Keep reading to learn how to break free from society’s expectations and standards for success and start looking INWARDS for how to build a life that is rewarding and filled with joy.

It’s okay not to be the best.

Now, bear with me, because this is going to take a little bit of unlearning. 

When I tell you “It’s okay NOT to be the best” that doesn’t translate to “It’s okay to settle for less than your best.” 

BEING THE BEST at something is a ranking of your external performance that depends on – and is compared to – the performance of others around you.

While, DOING YOUR BEST blocks out all the external noise and focuses on what you – and you alone – are capable of.

If you can lay your head on the pillow at night, knowing you did your damned best you could that day with what you were given, then that is a victory worth celebrating.

Bigger is not always better.

Secondly: bigger does not always mean better when it comes to goal setting. What’s considered a big, brave goal for me might seem insignificant to you. 

And that’s okay! 

If one person is striving simply to make enough to cover their mortgage and get a massage 1x a week as a solopreneur, that's great. If they want to build an empire and a multi 7-figure business, that's great too! 

Both are equally worthy. 

There is no “correct” blueprint for your goals. The only person that gets to decide what goals are worthy or “good enough” is YOU, because only you know what you need and what you’re capable of.

Real growth takes place behind-the-scenes.

Lastly, real growth can’t be measured by social media highlight reels

It feels like there are two versions of our lives these days, right? What we post publicly and what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s important to remember that, most of the time, people are putting in work that you can’t see. 

At the end of the day, it’s not about whether or not you’re building your empire for all the world to see. It’s about whether you are building the most authentic version of yourself. 

And the best part? Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive; It IS possible to both live fully in the present AND be building “more” for your future empire. 

The question becomes: are you chasing expansion and growth because you think you’re supposed to or because you have something fulfilling and life-giving that you want more of?

The whole point here is to be GOOD with where you are and GROW from there, rather than being unhappy with where you are and trying to create from a negative space. 

Growth from acceptance, love and gratitude will always far exceed and outlast growth from a competitive, desperate or fear-based mindset.

So, whether or not you’re 100% content with where you’re at right now, I challenge you to find the slivers of goodness in your life—the things that light you up—and intentionally expand into those things.

Because, no matter what goal or version of yourself you’re working towards—you are deserving of it. You have the right to it. You can chase it, choose it, build it. You CAN have it all.