a retreat for Queer women and AFAB folks

Come Home to Yourself

May 14 - 17, 2024
Greensboro, North Carolina


Escape the grind of daily life and embrace your extraordinary self with the “Come Home to Yourself” retreat, a transformative experience exclusively crafted for queer women and AFAB individuals.

Queer community is a core need, not a nice to have. Being able to immerse in new friendships and activities provides soul nourishment and that’s something many of us are starved for.

In a world that’s constantly telling us who and how we should be it’s important for Queer Women and AFAB individuals to gather and create a space of belonging and understanding. A space where you can explore without judgment. Here, amidst peers who share similar life experiences, you can engage in deep personal growth, find strength in solidarity, and and support one another on this continuous journey of coming home to yourself.

Join Heather Vickery and Dr. Erin Baker in the serene setting of Greensboro, North Carolina where you’ll be encouraged to shatter the beliefs that have held you back and connect with the most aligned version of yourself. This is an invitation to know, like and trust yourself deeply, to break free from the constraints of societal norms, and to boldly step into the journey ahead. Through expert guidance and an empowering community, you’ll rediscover your purpose and passion, and develop unshakeable confidence. Don’t just dream about a meaningful, authentic and joy filled life; it’s time to live it. Together, in an environment of unwavering support, community and understanding, we’ll unlock the doors to “Coming Home to Yourself.”

Actionable Plans: You’ll depart the retreat with strategies to sustain your growth and bring about the changes you aspire to in your life.

Community Connection: You’ll forge meaningful connections within a supportive and empathetic community, creating a network of individuals with shared experiences and goals.

Meaningful Life: You’ll embrace the instruments necessary for crafting a life rich in meaning, authenticity, joy, and enthusiasm.

Expert Guidance: You’ll receive tailored coaching and insights from Heather Vickery and Dr. Erin Baker, guiding you along your journey of self-exploration.

Lifelong Skills: You’ll learn invaluable skills that will benefit you indefinitely, from nurturing self-care habits to setting healthy boundaries and communicating effectively.

Self-Discovery: You’ll dive into activities and discussions designed to deepen your understanding of your core identity, values, and what sets you apart.

Empowerment: You’ll feel emboldened to express yourself freely and embrace your life’s path with conviction and without reservation.

Renewed Confidence: You’ll bolster your confidence in your own abilities and choices, empowering you to make courageous moves and take control of your destiny.

Alignment With Self: You’ll begin to master the art of aligning your daily actions with your deepest desires, ensuring an authentic and fulfilling existence.

Personal Growth: You’ll identify and surpass mental blocks and self-imposed limitations to encourage your personal development and self-expansion.

At the “Come Home to Yourself” retreat, you can look forward to a heartening and transformative experience with several key expectations and takeaways:

By the conclusion of the retreat, you should feel refreshed, invigorated, and equipped with the mindset and tools required to live in harmony with your most authentic self.

  • Afternoon check-in
  • Welcome ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Connection time
  • Breakfast on site
  • Meditation and awareness activities
  • Downtime for resting and connecting
  • Lunch on site
  • Group activation activities
  • Afternoon free time
  • Interactive dinner experience
  • Breakfast on site
  • Stretching and meditation
  • Offsite activity
  • Offsite lunch
  • Return for rest and relaxation
  • Celebratory dinner
  • Breakfast on site
  • Group intention setting
  • Closing ceremony
  • Departure

Relax in your own private room with a double, queen or king-size bed 

Single Room

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Share a room and bed with someone you know, featuring a double, queen or king-size bed. Please be prepared to book this room for two individuals in order to get the shared room rate.

Double Room

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Experience shared living with up to three other attendees in our bunk room, each furnished with twin-size beds

Bunk Room

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Heather Vickery

Meet Your Guides

I help people like you learn to break the bullshit rules that keep them small, stuck and uninspired. I can help you learn to like and trust yourself enough to actually go out and make the impact on the world that you're destined for. You are here for a reason and when you put yourself on the back burner you're playing small. Stop playing small!


Dr. Erin Baker

Dr. Erin Baker is on a mission to help difference-makers like you create the life, business, and impact you crave without sacrificing your health and well-being. There’s no “right way” to go after your visions and dreams — only “your way” — and Dr. Erin is here to help you discover yours! With a PhD in social psychology combined with deep expertise in Internal Family Systems, Dr. Erin guides you on a joy-full journey of self-love, self-trust, and self-leadership that will leave you feeling unstoppable.


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