Creating Dream Clients

Hey there, business owner! How are you? It’s February. We are nearly two months in to the new year, and you have kicked ass so far (or maybe not, but there’s still time).


In any case – – You’re here, and you’re ready.


Ready for what, you may be asking? Well, perhaps you are ready for loads of exciting new things. Being a business owner means being willing to learn, grow and explore in many different ways. But I’ll bet you are super ready for more clients!


Do I have your attention now?


Yep – – it’s time to talk about ways to create dream clients. Without clients, you don’t really have a business. If you are anything like me, sometimes landing new clients feels overwhelming and nearly impossible. Other times, things fall perfectly into place and you have dream clients.


If only we had a crystal ball that would tell us in advance what each month would look like. (No, I am not about to reveal a crystal ball.) Entrepreneurship is hard! Even with the best accounting and forecasting, it’s often difficult to tell where your next paycheck will come from.


Creating clients is something that requires your constant attention.


The Secret to Success


There is no overnight secret to success here. Building a solid client base takes a lot of dedication and work. However, we aren’t just focusing on any clients here; we want dream clients.


I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Some of those years have been great and some have not. I have put an unimaginable amount of effort into developing my coaching business. And I am really lucky because, at this stage in my career, I have the luxury of working with people I really want to work with.


Honestly, in coaching and in nearly every industry, it’s ok to be picky! It’s important that your clients like you, of course, but you really should like them as well.


Why does it matter if you like your clients, you ask? Isn’t it about getting paid?




Money is a byproduct of service. It’s the “pay off” (pun totally intended) at the end of your service. If you don’t care about your clients and the work you’re doing for them, it’s going to be extremely difficult to produce the level of quality you want to be known for.


When it comes to client relationships, you want to be on the same page. It’s important to have the same set of values. (I believe this is so vital that I dedicated a large portion of my website to my core values. I want this information front and center.).


If I don’t properly gel with my clients, I can’t be an effective coach. You just can’t force chemistry! But the good news is there are lots of other coaches (and bloggers, marketing guru’s, financial analysts, social media mavens, insert whatever you do here!).


I don’t say this to scare you; I say it to comfort you. There is enough to go around and competition is really, truly healthy. There is someone for everyone and that means there are many someones for you!


Success and leadership coach, Heather Vickery encourages you to invite people into powerful conversation to build a list of dream clients.

So, who is your dream client, and how do you find them?


A dream client is a person whom you would love to work with. You get starry-eyed just thinking about the possibilities. Your dream client is open and ready for the amazing things you can provide for their business or their life. Landing these clients is so exciting you can actually sense the fulfillment you’ll get from working with them. Better yet, you know you can help them do incredible things.


Here’s a tiny catch.


You will never land your dream client if you don’t do the work to identify who they are and go after them. Yes, sometimes it’s easier said than done, but I promise that it’s not really all that complicated! When you put in the work, maintain the right mindset, and keep pushing, you’re sure to see your work transform. This transformation may not happen overnight. In fact, the transformation may be slow enough that you don’t really even notice the tiny changes when they are happening. Then one day, bam, you’re there and you aren’t even sure how!


Your dream clients are waiting for you to find them!


A game plan is always helpful.


To create a solid foundation for dream client relationships to grow, I suggest following these simple steps.


Prioritize connection


This seems basic, I know. But it’s crucial. To create clients, you have to connect with people. It’s as easy as that! If they don’t know you exist, they can’t hire you.


I find it helpful to identify who I want to connect with. Sometimes, this is a specific person I have heard of and want to connect with. Other times, it’s a type of person (or company).


  • Start by make a list of people you would love to be in contact with.
  • Once you have the list, begin to reach out to those you can.
  • Invite them to coffee dates. (I do this virtually. – Want to meet me for coffee?)


Work to make the connections that will help you grow your business and create clients who will be excited about the work you are doing. An actual list here will do the trick. Real names, real numbers. Now, MAKE THE CALL!


Be of value


So you’ve made a new friend. That’s great! I love making new friends. (If you’ve tuned into my podcast, The Brave Files, you know that I’m pretty much in the business of connection.)


However, a new friendship only goes so far. Now, you have to invite your new friend into a powerful conversation. This is the next integral part of creating clients. Have a meaningful dialogue about what struggles they are facing in business and how you can help them. Sit down and really listen. Help them to see how amazing it will be to work with you!


  • Don’t try to sell these people; work to build relationships.
  • Ask them plenty of questions about what they do, what they love, and what they want for themselves and their business.
  • Always ask how you can support them. This gives them an opportunity to share their needs and it may open up a door for you to solve a few problems.
  • Consider ways you can help these potential clients — even if you cannot be the service provider. The goal here is to build trust and connection.


Add a new system!


Now that you’ve done this work and made some powerful connections (remember, this is an ongoing process), it’s time to track your progress and keep your eye on the prize!


Here is a worksheet I use at the end of each week to better understand what I have accomplished that week, what potential sales are out there and where I may want to focus my attention in the week ahead.


The worksheet will help you keep track of

  • Those you connected with
  • who you invited to a powerful conversation
  • who you provide a powerful experience and value to
  • how much you proposed in sales


Yes, I went there. We are talking about sales, and sales equal money. How much did you propose in sales this week? Think about that answer for a moment. Is it lower than you’d like to admit? You can’t make money if you don’t work for sales! You know this already, but truly this is the area where so many people need guidance. Remember, it’s ok to put yourself out there and ask for the sale. Money is good. You’re going through this entire exercise to make the sale.


People want permission to buy from you! Help them make the decision. Trust me, your confidence and authority are what your dream client needs.


So remember, those dreamy perfect clients are out there. They are waiting. Do the work and watch the change begin to happen. This worksheet will be a vital tool in your arsenal for growth. Work through it weekly, and you’ll see the shift.


You are not in this alone


As always, I would love to help you. Schedule a Virtual Coffee Date, and we’ll create a plan to find your dream clients together.

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Heather Vickery
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