Corporate Success and Leadership Coaching

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Transform your team experience and generate results

At its core, success coaching for executives and professional teams builds on the same values that help our individual coaching clients. Honoring authenticity and bravery in the workplace creates an environment where team members thrive. This is powerful for employees, and it’s effective for businesses. With guidance, a professional team has the potential to draw on different individual strengths and work collectively in a way that’s rewarding and fulfilling for all members.

Success in the workplace starts with building a corporate culture that values the whole employee. When team members feel respected and confident that management is supportive of their needs, they feel safe enough to invest themselves in the stakes of the company and take risks that pay off.

50 %

of employees say they are highly stressed, extremely fatigued and feel out of control.

3 %

of employees are considered 'highly engaged."


over a period of seven years, companies with more engaged workers grew 2.5x faster than companies with less engaged workers

*Bain & Company
3 %

happy employees are 12% more productive!

*Fast Company

Why corporate coaching & what does it look like?

When leaders embrace the training concepts we provide at Vickery and Co, the ROI is measurable. Increased employee satisfaction yields improved results and higher retention. Invest in people through leadership coaching that supports employees as valued members of teams with vision and tenacity.

Corporate training creates an opportunity to improve team communication which leads to greater satisfaction and increased productivity. Corporate success training begins by teaching employees two key lessons:

Awareness of individual strengths

Recognition of the mutual influence between self and colleagues

We all wildly underestimate the impact we have on each other.

When we understand our own roles and impact on others, as well as the impact others and their roles have on us, we’re better equipped to efficiently communicate, strategize, and reach goals. Company leaders who are taught how to facilitate team success in today’s business climate also maximize potential.

Get the training your team needs for the results you want

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The Whole Employee - a better way to work.

Successful leadership is about respecting an employee as the whole human. When we’re taught effective ways to balance individual needs and styles with our professional responsibilities and goals, we all succeed.

Through years of hands-on work and research, I have discovered the power of honoring The Whole Employee.In fact, this whole approach is key to having more effective employees, higher staff retention, and harmonious work environments, plus happier customers and bigger sales!

Allow me to use my creative, entertaining, and no-nonsense approach to help your organization build a stronger team by honoring The Whole Employee.

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