The Brave Entrepreneur Incubator:
A Transformational Expansion Program That Takes You From Blocked To Badass

Showcasing The BRAVE Method ™

What if you could get the training and the tools to elevate BOTH your life and business

without having to push pause on either one?

What if you could love every aspect of your life, bravely and without apology, while also embracing growth and stepping into the success you’ve always wanted? Now you can, friend.

I, Heather Vickery, am living proof that it’s possible. And I can show you how. You’ve forged the foundations. You dream big and work hard every day.

It’s time to take things to the next level.

I totally get that you can’t put life on hold for six months to jet off on an intensive business retreat to formulate strategies for reaching the next tier of success.

You also can’t up and leave work to fend for itself while you escape to a holistic mindset retreat to strengthen your serenity and sense of purpose…

But here’s the thing: Prioritizing life and prioritizing business should NOT be an either-or decision.

I also believe you should be able to learn and grow while still maintaining all of your responsibilities and pleasures.

How it works


The best way to see if I'm the coach of your dreams is to get together for a virtual coffee date. You'll give me a ring and for 20-minutes we'll chat all about you and your goals—for both life and business.


Whether you choose my 8-month 1:1 program or my 4-hour intensive VIP day, it all comes down to rewiring the things that we've been told our whole lives. We'll use The BRAVE Method™ as our toolkit to help you find a routine in the constant chaos the universe likes to put in your path.


Learn how to create and tweak boundaries, reassess your actions, reframe failures into lessons, live as the authentic version of you. Leverage your fears and step into bravery. With all this expansion, you may just find yourself feeling empoweredAF!


A one-on-one coaching session designed to banish self-doubt and bypass overwhelm. Get familiar with my unique coaching approach and set up new actionable strategies so you can get to thriving faster with this personalized, short-term intensive. .

The Brave Entrepreneur Incubator

Go from blocked to badass with this transformational program for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and strategists to up-level your life and your business through the honesty, accountability, and expertise of The BRAVE Method™. We're currently adding brave folks to the wait list for the Incubator.

Heather Vickery Keynote Speaker Transformational Coach

Motivational Speaking

Whether as a keynote speaker or panelist, with groups of any size, in formal or informal settings, I offer customizable topics to empower and entertain. every team member can thrive and become a leader.

The Brave Method™ of Coaching

As I was in the process of “burning it all down” and rebuilding on my own terms, I discovered there are 5 main themes present in every aspect of our lives. The more I leaned into these themes, the more I realized that they are the secret to a personal and professional life filled with harmony. And that, friends, is how The Brave Method™ was born!

If you’ve been relying on tactics, new strategies every other day, and mindset “hacks” that are about as effective as grabbing a hammer and bashing your brains in…It’s your turn to discover and intimately learn my proven BRAVE Method™ so you can have satisfaction and success…instead of frustration and feelings of failure.

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Redefine your life

If you are looking to dig a little deeper into what The Brave Method™ is all about, join us for our next workshop. Each quarter, you can join us LIVE to become familiar with The Brave Method™ and experience the life-changing effects it has on the people who use it in their everyday lives.

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Join us for an event

Have you been scouring the internet looking for someone to empower you? Well, I'm here to tell you that only you can empower yourself. Learn how by attending one of Vickery and Co's action oriented life changing events.