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Create intentional change in your life and business

Leadership and success coaching tailored to what fills your soul

Are you ready to create intentional change in your life?

Change begins with dissatisfaction and is ignited through action.

The stage is set when you have the courage to answer tough questions like these. The beauty of success is that it looks and feels different to each person. What does success mean to you?

You recognize that life has more to offer you and you’re ready to claim it.

And if that’s the case, I’m here to celebrate you! Asking for support is a showing of strength, and being willing to accept it, might be the hardest, most important decision you ever make. Where you’re at in this very moment is an exciting place to be—full of opportunity! And, I’m here to help you take that next step towards greatness.

Are you ready to embrace a new understanding of yourself, your goals, and the specific actions that will move you forward?​

How it works


The best way to see if I'm the coach of your dreams is to get together for a virtual coffee date. You'll give me a ring and for 20-minutes we'll chat all about you and your goals—for both life and business.


Whether you choose my 8-month 1:1 program or my 4-hour intensive VIP day, it all comes down to rewiring the things that we've been told our whole lives. We'll use The BRAVE Method™ as our toolkit to help you find a routine in the constant chaos the universe likes to put in your path.


Learn how to create and tweak boundaries, reassess your actions, reframe failures into lessons, live as the authentic version of you. Leverage your fears and step into bravery. With all this expansion, you may just find yourself feeling empoweredAF!


Are you ready to take bold, courageous action in your life and business? My one-on-one coaching programs are designed to support YOUR schedule, needs and goals, providing you with a personalized, clear action plan for getting unstuck and building a life you absolutely fucking love.

With a Group

Within my Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs group coaching program, you’ll gain a community of supporters to walk beside you on your journey towards understanding and leveraging your fears to live a bolder, braver, more empowered life. It’s so much more than coaching, it’s a family.

Corporate Support

Ditch the cookie-cutter corporate approach to business development and training and start honoring authenticity and bravery in the workplace by building a safe work space where every team member can thrive and become a leader.

The Brave Method™ of Coaching

As I was in the process of “burning it all down” and rebuilding on my own terms, I discovered there are 5 main themes present in every aspect of our lives. The more I leaned into these themes, the more I realized that they are the secret to a personal and professional life filled with harmony. And that, friends, is how The Brave Method™ was born!

If you’ve been relying on tactics, new strategies every other day, and mindset “hacks” that are about as effective as grabbing a hammer and bashing your brains in…It’s your turn to discover and intimately learn my proven BRAVE Method™ so you can have satisfaction and success…instead of frustration and feelings of failure.

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Redefine your life

If you are looking to dig a little deeper into what The Brave Method™ is all about, join us for our next workshop. Each quarter, you can join us LIVE to become familiar with The Brave Method™ and experience the life-changing effects it has on the people who use it in their everyday lives.

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Join us for an event

Have you been scouring the internet looking for someone to empower you? Well, I'm here to tell you that only you can empower yourself. Learn how by attending one of Vickery and Co's action oriented life changing events.