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When in doubt…manifest that sh*t

When you think of the future, are you stopping yourself from dreaming too big?  Success looks different to everyone, but when you are envisioning your dream future, are you seeing yourself as the version of success you want to be OR are you only envisioning yourself along the way? The problem is that many of us are stuck in the creation mode of what we’re doing at this exact moment and have no real clue what the

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The Return of The Phone Call

  I’ll be the first to admit it. I never really enjoy talking on the phone—well, at least not since I was a teenager and my parents installed a second line so that their phone

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Choose intention instead of regret

Trust me when I tell you, you are not too busy to take action.  In fact, it is so imperative that you do these things, these things that you don’t really think you have time for but nag at you.  The phone call, the visit, the new business, the hug, the kindness, the generosity.  Whatever it is, that in the back of your mind pulls at you and says, “I should do this” and you think “I’ll do it later, I’ll do it next week, I’ll do it next month, I’ll do it next year … there’s time.”  But time goes whenever it wantsOne second you wake up and there’s no more time. 

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