Action Through Accountability – 3 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

Even if you have all the elements of a successful business, without accountability, you’ll never be able to truly maximize your potential. 

Why? Because YOU CAN’T BE ALL THE THINGS. It’s impossible. You’re just one human.

Relying solely on yourself for accountability will run your ragged and leave you disappointed. It just does not have to be this hard!

There are three components that can help you find and maintain accountability in a healthy way. Each piece of the puzzle works in collaboration with the others and, with all three, you can set yourself up for future success:

  1. Asking for help
  2. Having a system in place
  3. Finding a community

Asking for help

People often overlook this piece, but I think it’s important to address it because it’s no small thing. In fact, it can be really, REALLY hard. 

Our society glamorizes the idea of being independent—a “hustler” or “boss” who has it all together and relies on no one but themself…As if that makes you stronger.

But, the truth is, all of the strongest, most successful people in our society have teams of people around them that they depend on every single day.


Once you: 

  1. Overcome the mindset that needing help is a sign of weakness and
  2. Learn how to ask for help effectively

You can begin to build the necessary systems and communities to support your goals.

Having a system in place

This Forbes article hit the nail on the fucking head: “Without a structure in place, there is nothing holding our feet to the fire.”

You have to take action and PLAN for the goals you’re working towards. We’ve talked the talk, this is the walking the walk part. 

This could look like:

  • Time blocking your schedule
  • Integrating the right communication or project management tools/apps like Asana, Trello, or Commit to 3
  • Changing your habits or routine

Here’s an example of what this has looked like in my own life…

For the longest time, I didn’t read books because I couldn’t fathom when I would possibly have the time. But, I knew that I WANTED to read books. So, when I finally committed myself to the 12-books-in-12-Months challenge, I knew I needed to also commit to a system that would create space in my life for me to  read. Well, friends, that first year I read 36 books. The second I read 56! Here’s the system I put in place for myself:

  1. Schedule (at least) 15 minutes in my workday to read every day
  2. Keep my book with me at all times so, any time I have a spare moment, I read a few pages instead of doom scrolling on social media

I used to have this wildly untrue limiting voice about not being able to read unless I had hours of time available at once. This line of bullshit kept me from learning and doing something I truly enjoy for years. 

Now I have three books going at all times and I am loving every minute of it.

  • Personal growth, business development or social justice book during the work day (in my scheduled, dedicated time for learning)
  • Something fun and pleasurable (typically fiction) in the evenings and weekends
  • Listen to audiobooks in the car, on walks, while cooking etc… (I prefer Memoirs! And I listen on Libro.fm which allows me to support my favorite, local, indep;endant bookstore!)

Read more here about other ways we self-sabotage ourselves in business.

Accountability looks different for each person. What systems can you put in place in your own life to make room for your goals?

I am so passionate about reading and learning that I’ve created my own bookshop!

Brave in Business (and life) collection

The Brave Files Podcast Guest library

Heather’s Personal Favorites

Finding community

Accepting help and having a system are KEY in making your life and business dreams a reality. But, finding a community, or  creating a personal board of directors, who you can turn to in the beautiful moments, as well as when shit hits the fan, is the most valuable accountability asset any business owner can obtain.

I've experienced, first-hand, the impact my own support team has made in my life. And I watch it happen, on a daily basis, with the members of my Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs program.

It’s amazing what opportunities unfold when you surround yourself with driven, like-minded individuals who not only want to see you succeed. but are willing to do their part in helping you get there.

A great community should provide a space where no goals, challenges, ideas, or questions are too big or small. It should be filled with people who:

  • Always tell you the truth
  • Build you up
  • Cheer you on
  • Respect your boundaries

This is the kind of community I’ve built within my coaching program, Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs, because I truly believe that we are so much better together.

You’re just one human. Without asking for help, creating systems for success and surrounding yourself with people who make achieving your goals possible, you can’t do the hard things necessary to shatter those glass ceilings.

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Heather Vickery
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