Hi, I’m
Heather Vickery

Transformational coach. Motivational speaker.
Leadership, life & business mindset success strategist.

Here to support those who desire to elevate their life and career like a badass.

I am not a pretzel anymore.

But I used to be.

Long ago, I settled for a small, inauthentic life built around other people’s priorities and expectations. On paper, it certainly looked like I was “living the dream” (successful business, huge beautiful house, gorgeous family) but inside I felt miniature, unfulfilled, and exhausted from twisting the elements of my world around to accommodate other people’s wishes and avoid my fears.

So I made like a phoenix and “burned it all to the ground,” rising from the proverbial ashes as the woman I am today.

I came out (yep – of the closet), left my long-term marriage, and built a new business based on revolutionizing the way we all show up for ourselves and our dreams. I finally started feeling as though I was exemplifying the kind of honesty and self-driven success that I want for each of my daughters, the kind of balance and bravery that honors my work goals and personal goals equally.

In essence, I discovered the way to unravel.

Let me tell you – it was insanely hard. (Honestly, some days it still is!) But building a life that you fucking love is absolutely possible and unequivocally worth it.

I no longer believe in twisting and contorting yourself, your life, or your loved ones around the needs of your business or the standards imposed on you by other people. It’s not necessary or worth it.

Here’s what I believe in now:

Bravery • Enjoyment • Boundaries • Reassessment •
Action • Expansion • Vulnerability • Empowerment

It’s never too late and you’re never too old to realize your dreams.

Through coaching and connecting, I help people grow their life and business simultaneously, rather than unnaturally squeezing and pulling life around work (or vice versa!).

By completely rebuilding my life and business from scratch, I’ve also been able to develop what I learned into The BRAVE Method™ and help hundreds of clients over the last decade realize their dreams and create the happiness they deserve.

You deserve to have your dreams realized, too. (Yes, I’m talking to YOU!)

You deserve happiness. (Yup… still definitely talking to you…)

You deserve success on your own terms. (Got the message yet?!)

I am not a pretzel anymore and I don’t want you to be one either.

(Though make no mistake, I am completely pro-pretzel-eating, especially those giant soft ones at carnivals… just sayin’…)

Here is what else I am:

  • A mother of four (all girls!).
  • A success, leadership, and transformational mindset coach.
  • A bestselling author.
  • Creator of The BRAVE Method™.
  • Leader of the 16-week juggernaut, The Brave Entrepreneur Incubator: A Transformational Expansion Program that takes you from blocked to badass, Vickery and Co’s most awesome transformational coaching experience to date.
  • A kick-ass motivational speaker.
  • The sassy executive producer and sweet (ok, also sometimes sassy as well) host of The Brave Files Podcast.
  • One of the two brilliant execs/co-hosts of the Was It Chance? Podcast, alongside Alan Seales on the Broadway Podcast Network.
  • A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • A champion of diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
  • An award-winning, creative, multiple-business owner and global leader with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.
  • Broadway producer of a Tony Award-winning show.
  • A fan of anyone trying to make their life and the world better.
  • Achiever of “unrealistic” dreams and cheerleader for those brave enough to go for their epic dreams, too!
If you’re looking for greater, more authentic success as well as the space to enjoy it, I’m the person who can help. I can’t wait to get to know you, be your loudest cheerleader, and share my success tools so you can avoid the perils of being a pretzel.

Let’s take your life and business to the next level on a sustainable, empowering pathway.

Curious to know more? Let's conenct!


What my clients say about working with me:

"Heather is amazing! Compassionate, yet firm when we need help setting commitments. She’s one of our biggest cheerleaders. Always pushing us past uncomfortable and into bravery with empathy.​"
"I'm so grateful to Heather. She holds you accountable but also supports you at the same time. Her perspective is positive but also authentic."
Elizabeth H.​
"Heather is the only coach I will ever work with! Each experience that Heather offers, I become a bolder, more confident and courageous human. The fact that it helps me expand my business is just the truffle salt on the popcorn!!"

Ready to change your life just like they did?

Here are the best ways to work with me:

The Brave Entrepreneur Incubator

Go from blocked to badass with this transformational program for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and strategists to up-level your life and your business through the honesty, accountability, and expertise of The BRAVE Method™

Motivational Speaking

Whether as a keynote speaker or panelist, with groups of any size, in formal or informal settings, I offer customizable topics to empower and entertain.


A one-on-one coaching session designed to banish self-doubt and bypass overwhelm. Get familiar with my unique coaching approach and set up new actionable strategies so you can get to thriving faster with this personalized, short-term intensive.

If you have any questions you can also contact me here anytime.