6 Questions to Bring Clarity in the New Year

Welcoming to the first blog post of 2018!

Happy New Year, my friends! I don’t know about you but 2017 was a real zinger for me. While there were many wonderful things, it was a tough year and it brought forth a lot of resistance (literally and figuratively) and pain. But it also brought a passion like I have never seen before, a passion to create change and growth, to speak truth and fight for we want.

It has been an honor to push through 2017 with you all by my side and welcome the new year with renewed hope and courage. Together, we are going to shake things up!

I have identified 6 questions to help me gain clarity on the past year and to welcome 2018 with grace and intention. Take a look below and do this exercise yourself to clear your mind and get ready to ring in the new year right.

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What were the highlights in 2017?

I had many highlights over the past year including being a guest on several podcasts, webinars, and summits. I was honored to coach some extraordinary people and help them elevate their lives and businesses. My partner and I took our five children to Disney World — that was crazy and fun! I also made some pretty awesome new “business” friends that I am confident will turn into “real life” friends and that's pretty cool!

How do you want to spend your time, energy and money in 2018?

In the coming year, I am committed to staying present in all things, to listening really, really well (especially to my loved ones), and continue curating a team to help me reach my business goals. I want to laugh more often and sit in conversation with those that matter to me.

I want to spend my time helping others reach tap into their awesomeness and inspire a healthy work-life balance in people. I want to spend money on delegation and smart systems that will free me up to focus on coaching!

I also want to spend my time and money traveling, going to the theater and creating lifelong memories with my family. Lastly, I plan to get a tattoo on my wrist that says “Be Here Now.” I have been pondering on this idea for months and I am ready to make the move. It will remind me to stay present at all times with all things (and people). Remember, you can't take it with you friends so don't waste a single moment!

What did you resist most in 2017? 

Interestingly enough, when I look back at the year I realize what I resisted most was seeking help. This is something I fully embraced towards the end of the year when it became abundantly clear that my audio course, Chaos to Clarity, was not going to launch without some serious support. I learned a lot of lessons in the last quarter of the year and I plan to capitalize on those lessons in 2018. And my new teams kicks serious ass (can you lovelies feel that virtual hug?!).

Was there anything you surrendered to?

Surrender is hard for me. I value it and deeply believe in the importance of it, but it is really difficult. It took some deep soul searching to identify an area in which I fully surrendered and I think it was around my youngest daughter's sleep habits. After being a great sleeper most of her life, she really struggled to sleep through the night, and in her own bed, for the majority of 2017. At first, I fought it, taking her back up to her room over and over or attempting to “sleep” in her bed until she was back asleep — but none of it worked. She screamed and cried (waking her sisters in the process), and I was tired and exhausted the next day (resulting in less than stellar productivity on my part). Finally, I surrendered and let her come into my bed. We snuggled up tight and while I had some neck pain from it, I also got beautiful morning smiles and a halfway decent night’s sleep. Also, my little girl needed something from me and although I am still not really sure what that was, I think I gave it to her. Lo and behold, 2018 hit and she has stayed in her bed half the nights. Fingers crossed this is a permanent transition. And I might just miss those sweet morning smiles and snuggles. There is always a silver lining.

What made you joyful in 2017? 

I had so much joy in meeting new people, helping new clients find their “ah-ha,” teaching workshops and seeing attendees light up with passion and excitement. I also experienced great joy on family vacations, watching my daughter perform on stage and simply staying truly present with my loved ones. I did a lot of laughing this past year but one of my commitments for 2018 is to laugh more and harder. Big, deep belly laughs the kind that makes you feel like you have just finished a core workout? I want more of those and plan to put myself in situations to make them happen!

What gives you hope for the New Year?

New beginnings always bring me hope. They can often be bittersweet but I see the beauty in that also. Saying goodbye to something, even if it has not been the greatest thing, can be difficult — but starting something new and putting yourself out there to try new things, find new adventures and experiences and simply live your life brings hope and possibility. So what do I hope for in 2018? I hope for more inspiration and things to hope for. I hope for adventure and passion. I hope for connection (my word of the year) and friendship. I hope to serve people in a big way and I hope for lots and lots of joy for everyone around me.

So what about you? I want to know your answers to the questions above if you are brave enough to share them with me. I am easy to reach … EmailFacebook, InstagramTwitter. Let’s inspire each other this year!

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